English Teacher Job Description

English teachers are the same as any other teachers but they of course specialize in teaching one subject – the English language and literature. Majority of English teachers are employed at primary and secondary school level. It is the duty of the English teacher to hone and nurture the grammar and provide further knowledge of literature to the students.

Responsibilities and Duties

The main role of the English teacher in both primary and secondary school level is to give instructions to students about the said subject and to supervise and record their individual progress throughout the school year. They are also required and expected to give out course work and grade the student’s work. Also, they are responsible in preparing the students for the state and national examinations. Apart from the things mentioned, their role also involves the communication of progress of students to their parents through reports and parent – student conferences or meetings.

Development in Career

English teachers have a bright future ahead of them because they can be promoted to become department heads or they can move into management functioning as principals, assistant principals, or superintendents. But before you can attain any of these positions, you have to be a holder of Master’s degree or better yet, a Doctorate. If you do so, there is a big possibility for you to move out of school premises into other fields in education like board examinations, school inspections, and educational lecturing.

Education Qualifications

If you want to venture in this profession in the United States, requirements would vary from state to state. But most states require a Bachelor’s degree which can be attained in a 4 – year study at a college or university of your choice. In addition to that, applicants are also required to have teaching experience and teaching credentials, as many institutions are now requiring a Master’s degree holder.

Working Conditions

Usually, English teachers instruct their class of about 30 students. It can be so stressful to handle such a number of students in a class because they also spend most of their time standing in front of them while conducting four to seven classes in a day. The preparation of materials and other paper works often are being made at home after the school. Aside from that, teachers in general are required to participate in extracurricular activities like clubs and societies after school hours. However, teachers can have the luxury of time to rest during holidays because in United States, summer breaks can last up to 3 months, not to mention Christmas, New Year and Easter holidays.

Annual Income and Benefits

State University website indicated that the average yearly income for teachers who are employed at secondary schools in United States vary between $ 41,000 and $46,000 way back in 2004. The benefits such as health insurance, vacations, retirement plans and already included in a teacher’s salary. However, those who hold a Master’s degree or Doctorate can expect to have a higher salary rate. Also some of the schools are paying teachers an extra for participating on extracurricular activities.

Becoming a teacher is not that easy and not that difficult. Just love your career and put passion in everything you do. Success will surely follow after.

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