JROTC Instructor Job Description

Want to teach young students? Being an instructor is quite a noble job, right? But what if you are instructed to teach young cadet students? Willing to try this noble job? Then become a JROTC Instructor and see what awaits you when you become one.

What is JROTC Instructor?

JROTC Instructor is the one who instructs secondary school students that are under the JROTC curriculum.

Duties of a JROTC Instructor

Being an instructor of young cadets entails the following duties:

  1. They teach cadets who are under the JROTC curriculum during the school year.
  2. They perform training in JROTC and academy during summer camps too.
  3. They formulate lesson plans, establish plans for the curriculum goal, make clear objectives for the lesson and gather the needed materials for the lesson.
  4. They make sure that the classroom surrounding is conducive for students to learn.
  5. They evaluate the performance of their students and counsel them for any problem regarding the JROTC program.
  6. They help students to develop skills, knowledge and attitude needed to become a responsible citizen.
  7. They monitor student’s activities to ensure that they are safe.
  8. They organize and conduct extracurricular activities for their cadets.
  9. They keep and maintain records of their students.
  10. They make sure that they follow all the rules of Army and school district when they teach and supervise their cadets.
  11. They employ different techniques and other media in instructing students.

Work Condition of a JROTC Instructor

All the requirements that are needed to perform this job should all be approved by an employee. Being a JROTC Instructor requires you to withstand longer periods of sitting and standing that is needed in their work. They should be able to perform multi-task such as dialing a telephone, entering data into the computer or typewriter, read information on a computer screen and other printed materials needed for teaching. They too should be able to understand and hear their student’s speech in a normal classroom setting and telephone calls also. They need to have a physical ability to lift heavy materials which is about 20 to 50 pounds, climb stairs and work faster.

Educational Requirements of a JROTC Instructor

If you want to be a JROTC Instructor you need to be a retired United States Army Non-Commissioned Officer and should have a bachelor’s degree. Must have a teaching license and got all the requirements approved by Department of the Army. You need to have JROTC certification and know the duties of a JROTC instructor. And lastly he must know some instructional techniques, communication skills and patience to motivate students.

Occupation and Progress of a JROTC Instructor

The duties of JROTC instructors are performed inside the school environment. They can be away for some filed trips too. The JROTC instructors are employed in the school and not in the Army. They have contract usually at the school for one year which is negotiated between the parties. They can still receive their retired pay from the government. This salary of a JROTC instructor can be higher as long as it is in accordance with school policy.

If you are retired Army personnel, you can still extend your services by being a JROTC instructor. You can mold these young cadets to be an effective citizen in the country and at the same time paid for the services that you rendered to the school.

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