KG Teacher Job Description

It is important to teach students at an early age, this will help them develop their skills and their talents. A Kindergarten teacher is one of the people responsible in helping this young children hone their skills. They can influence these children to become the person they want when they grow up, they aid them in building their views about themselves and in environment around them.

Do you love to be with kids and become a Kindergarten Teacher? Here are some information that you may need to become one.

What is a KG Teacher?

A Kindergarten Teacher is the one who teaches young children which ages range from four to six years old. They prepare and implement teaching programs and make sure that the children under her care are safe and they will be able to learn in a conducive environment.

Duties of a KG Teacher

  • One of the numbers of duties a Kindergarten Teacher has is to teach their students the basic lessons such as color, alphabet, shapes, and hygiene. They encourage the children to interact with their classmates for them to develop social skills. They demonstrate activities for their students to follow.
  • Establishing and imposing rules for behaviour and following the procedures and policies of the school to maintain order is another duty of a Kindergarten Teacher. They also monitor and evaluate a child’s development.
  • Kindergarten Teachers supply different types of materials for their students to explore and use to learn and develop their imagination. They help children to prepare for greater and more challenging assignments. They support them to explore different learning opportunities.
  • A Kindergarten Teacher talk with parent’s of the children, their guardians, counsellors and administrators to deal with behavioural and academic problems of the children. At the same time they also meet with them to talk about their progress and the things that would help the children to improve their skills.

Work Condition of a KG Teacher

A Kindergarten Teacher is basically seen in a classroom. They may be isolated from other teachers since they work alone in a classroom but at times be allowed to work in a team. They may be asked to work more than forty hours a week. There job maybe stressful especially when they are dealing with unmotivated students.

Educational Requirements of a KG Teacher

The minimum requirement to become a Kindergarten Teacher is to have a bachelor’s degree in education. Other employers would require one to have a master’s degree in elementary education. They also need to have a license to teach in a school.

Occupation and Progress of a KG Teacher

Most of us would consider education as one of the most important thing that a person should have. It expected that there will be greater demand for teachers in the next years but they said that there will be a shortage of teachers who are qualified to teach so there will be great competition for those who are competent. Be a Kindergarten Teacher now and help produce the best people our world can have in the future.

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