KS3 Coordinator Job Description

School is one of the most important institutions of our society. It is needed by everyone to develop each character and to learn the basic principles of life. The reason why people are being sent to school is to nurture their talents, developed their skills (mentally or physically) and to teach them good values in life. School is said to be the “second home” for every students, so just like an ordinary home it has its members that will develop the character of the students. There is what we called KS3 coordinator or also known us Key Stage Coordinator to manage the students. This job is really easy to deal, because all you have to do is train the students on how to improve their whole well-being. The evaluation of the KS3 coordinator will contribute a lot to improving the characters of the students and even the teachers to make the society look more respectful. It will also be a great help in retrieving the ethical issues of the people. It will help the students to be molded and trained at their early stage in life.

What is a KS3 Coordinator?

A KS3 coordinator is someone who works on improving the character of the students while they are being sent to school. She/he is the one, managing, leading and monitoring the teachers regarding the effectiveness of their teaching skills. She/he is having a good relationship with everyone in the school. The main responsibility of a KS3 coordinator is to develop and assure that the students will meet the standards of every curriculum and their aspirations for school achievements.

Duties of a KS3 Coordinator

  • To monitor the progress of the students regarding their performances in school
  • To check the improvements of each students
  • To teach the students about the good values in life
  • To motivate the teachers in improving their teaching styles
  • To evaluate the performances of the teachers
  • To check the improvements of each students
  • To monitor the teacher-student relationship

Work conditions of a KS3 Coordinator

A KS3 coordinator usually is a school based work. She/he can work at least 40 hours per week. She/he always needs to monitor the activities of the teachers relating the students. She/he must be willing to work an extra time if needed.

Educational Requirements of a KS3 Coordinator

To be KS3 coordinator an individual must be a graduate of degree holder courses specifically course like BS Psychology. If possible he/she must be a graduate of a Masters Degree.

Occupation and Progress of a KS3 Coordinator

AKS3 Coordinator is a job that belongs to high type and high paid one. They are representing their respective schools during their presence in every seminars, trainings, and other events or gatherings. Additional education will give the KS3 Coordinator an advantage to be in a higher position. This kind of profession is needed and expected to have more demands this coming years since it belongs to the most important institution of our society.

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