Literacy Coach Job Description

A child needs to learn how to read so that he will start to begin understanding everything that is being taught in school. Poor literacy will impede the child from continuous learning. Currently schools and organizations make it a part of their mission to improve literacy surpassing age, race and culture.

What is a Literacy Coach?

A Literacy Coach is a trainer in terms of improving skills in reading comprehension in a class. He or She works alongside a class room teacher in terms of honing the reading skills of students. In other schools or states, a Literacy Coach may be a part of the teaching staff while in others she may act as a consultant to take on the job of advancing the reading knowledge.

Duties of a Literacy Coach

  • A Literacy Coach is responsible for training the students in terms of grasping the goal of reading comprehension which is to prepare them in understanding other subject matters that are taken in the school curriculum which they will apply in their further academic studies and in their personal lives.
  • A Literacy Coach works in partnership with the teachers and the teaching staff as a whole in terms of honing the reading skills of the students in alignment with their academic needs in their class subjects. The coaching style of the Literacy Coach is in relation to the academic requirements of the students.
  • A Literacy Coach is responsible for assessment and appraisal of the training system applied to the students. The Literacy Coach measures the understanding of reading among students in terms of assessment tests and other forms of appraisal which he or she should endorse to the teacher or school in-charge for further action plans.
  • A Literacy Coach is responsible for initiating lesson tactics and methods in terms of tutoring the students in reading comprehension. He or she must be able to come up with applicable techniques to be efficiently used by the teachers among the students.

Work condition of a Literacy Coach

  • A Literacy Coach may work as a part of the teaching administration employed by a school or university.
  • A Literacy Coach may also work independently as a consultant, who may be called upon by a school or university for several semesters to be able to facilitate coaching of students and even subject teachers.
  • He or She may work in a school environment with her own office or occupy an office space with other school teachers.

Educational Requirements of a Literacy Coach

  • A Literacy Coach must have completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. Most school districts require a completion of Master’s Degree.
  • It would also be beneficial for an applying Literacy Coach to have additional courses taken in literacy education.

Occupation and Progress of a Literacy Coach

With the competition of jobs in the working population, parents are more educated in terms of investing in better education for their children. As a result, schools and universities are into upgrading their system in teaching their students as well as re-educating their teaching staff for a more competitive by product released from their institution. At present a Literacy Coach’s annual salary is at $60,000.

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