Nursery Nurse Job Description

by Publishing Team on April 26, 2011

If you enjoy being with children and love nurturing them, then becoming a nursery nurse is something to consider. Read on for the job description of a nursery nurse.

What is a nursery nurse?

Nursery nurses work in a wide variety of settings who help qualified teachers in caring for children in a nursery school. A nursery nurse performs assessment onto children with good and exceptional diagnostic skills.

Duties of a nursery nurse

  • The jobs of nursery nurses are typically inclined in assisting with child care in United Kingdom. However, in the US, a nursing nurse has similar duties with a daycare assistant who tends to the needs of children socially and academically during classes in kindergarten.
  • The primary duty nursery nurses are to help children in developing academically and socially in infant, nursery and primary classes.
  • Nursery nurses also help children in learning different things through group teaching and focused support. They encourage children to engage in various play activities by way of imaginative expression and social interaction.
  • When handling younger children, nursery nurses mostly assist them in bathing and feeding. Nursery nurses should document day-to-day events in a nursery and should report any hazards, classroom accidents and behavioral problems to the superiors.
  • They should ensure that their teaching methods and strategies are inclined with their curriculum and make sure that safety and healthy rules are followed accordingly.
  • A nursery nurse is also responsible in helping newly enrolled children to get involved in any classroom activities and play and should offer support to some key children. Key children are those suffering from various learning problems and those with history of disruptive and antisocial behavior.

Condition of Work

A nursery nurse assists teachers in infant, nursery or primary classes and is often employed at several day nurseries, schools, hospitals, family centers, and private nurseries as well as private households.

Educational Requirements

  • Becoming a nursery nurse doesn’t typically require a degree. Obtaining a GCSEs or General Certificate of Secondary Education in areas like mathematics and English are mostly a key requirement.
  • Some employers may require candidates with a Diploma in Nursery Nursing which is accredited by a governing body of NNEB or National Nursery Examination Board. The particular program is also available in any colleges and educational institutes and is generally valid in Northern Ireland, England and Wales. The diploma program usually lasts about 2 years to accomplish or 3 to 4 years in a part time basis.

Occupation and Progress

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor and Statistics, a nursery nurse usually earns about an average salary of 14,000 British pounds or around $21,600 per annum.

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