PE Teacher Job Description

Vast students love PE (physical education) classes. However, the job for PE teachers goes beyond playing games with their students inside the gym. If you aspire to become a PE instructor, read on for the job description of a physical education teacher.

What is a PE teacher?

Physical education instructors or a short term for PE teachers are generally responsible in teaching their students regarding health, wellness and fitness.

Duties of a PE teacher

  • PE teachers are usually required to teach and plan about classes on physical education at different grade levels and age-group. They are responsible in maintaining the facilities and equipment and utilize school funds wisely in order to purchase new PE equipments.
  • The majority of PE teachers also serve as health teachers especially in high school and re usually responsible in teaching their students with curriculums in health education and encouraging their students to promote as well as adopt healthy lifestyles.
  • PE teachers are also required to attend occasional faculty meetings and supervise their students during recess or lunch periods and also in assemblies. Because the main focus for PE teachers is in athlete, physical education teachers are also expected in attending many athletic events in school.

Condition of work

PE instructors usually teach their students in a gym when performing some activities or inside their classroom when doing lectures about health and fitness. Their job entails stamina but most instructors enjoy their work as they usually have an inner drive in doing various physical activities.

Educational Requirements

Before applying as PE teachers, aspiring candidates are required to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in physical education and in any area related to athletics like an athletic training, health and exercise science. After earning a preliminary degree, aspiring candidates should also obtain a teaching certificate from the particular state you desire to teach as well as for grade levels you like to instruct. Each state offers various examinations that are specific to their field. PE teachers are also required to successfully pass the exam before they can find employment in the particular state.

Occupation and Progress

Job prospect for physical education instructors is just above average. Physical education teachers with less work experience usually earn about $30,000 to $40,000 per annum. Their salary often increases as the work experiences grow every year. There is an increase of $1,000 per year experience.

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