Managing Director Theatre Job Description

If you enjoy watching theatre shows, stage performances or fond of community playhouses, then becoming a managing director theatre is something to consider. It is usually the theatre managing directors that need to be thanked for in producing spectacular theatre shows.

What is a managing director theatre?

Theatre directors or otherwise known as stage directors are practitioners in the arena of theatre who orchestrate and oversee theatre mounting production of an opera, a play, a musical, or even in devised piece of work through unifying different endeavors and manners of production.

Duties of a managing theatre director

  • Managing theater directors are responsible in choosing plays, musical and opera that may appear into the core demographic of the company. They are also responsible in choosing for adequate equipments and playing space and make sure that it is within their budgetary guidelines. Becoming a director theatre does not only require familiarity with various genres of theatre plays but also entails enthusiasm and drive to thoroughly read the original scripts that are submitted to them.
  • Theatre directors hold tryouts and auditions in order to fill each role in their upcoming stage production. Selection of persons can be through referrals, appointment only readings, talent agents or community auditions. Their production may involve singing, dancing and acting.
  • Managing directors are also in charge in scheduling rehearsals and encouraging actors and actresses to memorize their lines, comprehend motivations in career and fostering teamwork so as to deliver stage vision of how and what the show should appear.
  • Theater directors’ work closely with their set designer, props manager, wardrobe mistress, choreographer, make-up artists, lighting and special effects technicians and musicians in order to achieve the desired goal.

Condition of Work of a managing theatre director

Most theatre directors work in small and large theatre companies, festival, entertainment production and commercial companies. Some managing theatre directors also work in nonprofit theater companies and perform stage show, plays and musical shows.

Educational Requirements of a managing theatre director

In order to become a theatre director, you should have at least a degree in arts or obtain a master degree relevant in the field of theater arts. A prior work experience as actors and actresses is also a big factor.

Occupation and Progress of a managing theatre director

Managing director theatre may have numerous job opportunities as they may also look for job employment with universities and schools, centers for performing arts and educational art providers.

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