Chief Executive Officer Assistant Job Description

by Publishing Team on March 14, 2011

Do you ever dream of becoming an assistant to a powerful boss? Or you want to know how things are done as a CEO and you want to be an assistant to one? Read more about on how to become a Chief Executive Officer Assistant below.

What’s a Chief Executive Officer Assistant?

An Executive assistant to the CEO is the one responsible for getting the CEO’s schedules in time, you will be assisting your CEO in his busy schedule, and you will help him get on time to his appointments. It is crucial that you have perfect communication skills as you will be coordinating with other assistants from various companies.

Duties of a Chief Executive Officer Assistant

Aside from scheduling tasks for your Executive Officer, you are also responsible in taking orders from him, and giving reports to executive officers when your CEO is not around or late. You are responsible in keeping the time table of your CEO. You will also be responsible in providing high-level administrative researching and doing statistical reports, you will also be expected to handle information requests and performing clerical duties such as preparing visitors, and scheduling conference calls. You can also supervise lower clerical staff. You can either work for the company’s CEO or CFO, you are the first person the visitors have to speak with, so you need that entire people skills polished up for this job. You also need to attend meeting in behalf of your superior, you are responsible in managing the company’s clerical staff, and in other words you are your boss’s right hand.

Work Condition of a Chief Executive Officer Assistant

As you have read above your job as an assistant to a CEO or CFO requires you to be more active compared to normal clerks of the company, you are an executive assistant and that requires executive jobs for you as well. Expect to work long hours in your office and long trips with your CEO and or CFO, but who doesn’t like trips right? Also expect to have midnight calls from your superior and do long intensive researches. Having this kind of job has its rewards too, you are in the front row seat of the company, being an assistant to a CEO can open doors you have never imagined opening for you, you can witness in how things are really done to run a company.

Educational Requirements of a Chief Executive Officer Assistant

Some firms and corporations really need an assistant with a very good background in education and business experience. As you are required to do in-depth jobs as an assistant, having a background in business administration would not be such a bad idea too. As well as having a degree in psychology can help you in this job, this job requires a lot of people skills, and people skills is all that matters for this job, aside from you need a little knowledge in how computers work. But who doesn’t nowadays right?

Occupation and Progress of a Chief Executive Officer Assistant

Being a Chief Executive Assistant you have a great job in the company, you will learn how to manage a company and how to make it stay afloat. Being an assistant also means you will have the chance to be a CEO someday because of your experience in running a company is quite inevitable.

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