Executive Assistant Job Description

by Publishing Team on October 25, 2010

The Executive Assistant is an administrative professional that is working in all industry that supports business leaders.

The Primary Objectives of an Executive Assistant:

  • The Executive Assistant primary objective is to support business leaders in administrative works.
  • The Executive Assistant primary objective is to make decisions in the place of the executive when the executive is unavailable.
  • The Executive Assistant primary objective is to bring advance professional works in every field of the industry.

The Executive Assistant must possess specialized knowledge of the industry as well as an advanced degree of technical and secretarial skills and abilities.

The Executive Assistant works directly with the executives of top-level companies in many industries; they provide research, support in terms of the technological and administrative aspect. The Executive Assistant frequently makes decisions when the executive is not available. The Executive Assistant writes correspondence, makes reports and oversees administrative staff. In addition, the Executive Assistant generally must have expertise and experience about their company’s industry. Wide knowledge of the systems and information, computer works, office equipments and other clerical procedures are very important for the Executive Assistant in performing the tasks required. Aside from that, the Executive Assistant must have high level of organization and interpersonal skills.

Most of the time, executives need some assistants in their administrative works and the Executive Assistant can find work in almost any industry, whether the company is small or large.

The Executive Assistant knowledge requirements

  • The Executive Assistant must support an experienced work in a professional environment.
  • The Executive Assistant must create and/or modify processes.
  • The Executive Assistant must be responsible for managing heavy calendar activities, must interact with both internal as well as the external executives, assistants and consultants, must coordinate variety of executive meetings.
  • The Executive Assistant must answer all phone calls as well as direct all incoming calls to the appropriate parties efficiently.
  • The Executive Assistant must communicate and then handle incoming and outgoing electronic communications.
  • The Executive Assistant must give assistance with the preparation of the presentation materials.
  • The Executive Assistant must review and sum up the miscellaneous reports and documents.
  • The Executive Assistant must prepare the background documents needed and the outgoing mail as needed.
  • The Executive Assistant must assist in the pipelining or forecasting preparation as well as the management.
  • The Executive Assistant must prioritize and then handle multiple projects simultaneously, as well as following through the issues in a very timely manner.
  • The Executive Assistant must organize travel schedules and reservations for the executive management as necessary.

Degrees and Training to Become an Executive Assistant

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