Executive Vice President Job Description

by Publishing Team on March 28, 2011

Every company has its own goals and they would do everything just to achieve it. The top executives are the one responsible for this. One of them is an Executive Vice President; they create rules and policies and are responsible for the operation of a company.

Do you have this dream of being on this top position? Read the job description underneath.

What is an Executive Vice President?

An Executive Vice President is in charge for expanding a company’s operational performance and attaining its financial goals. They serve as primary administrative officer of an organization. They make reports to the President and to the member of the Board and are accountable for executing the company’s mission, policies and values.

Duties of an Executive Vice President

  • An Executive Vice President goes to meetings of the Board and supervises in developing public policy and financial plans approved by the Board. They put into action the plans that is necessary for them to attain the policy goals and comes up with a progress report that is presented to the Board.
  • Executive Vice President maintains the official record to make sure that everyone is following the company’s laws and state regulations. They serve as the primary boundary between the organization’s staff and the Board.
  • An Executive Vice President keeps a good working environment to encourage the staff and work with the employees to make sure that the organization is totally functioning. They make sure that each and every staff knows their job description to help in the company’s operations.
  • Executive Vice President should have the knowledge regarding the developments and the current trends in the industry. They are responsible for the supervision of the company’s operations and make sure that there are enough resources that are available to achieve their goal.

Work Condition of an Executive Vice President

  • An Executive Vice President works in an office. Their working hours varies depending on their current assignment especially when they have to meet deadlines and make report to the Board of the company. Sometimes they would have to extend their hours of work when their job is demanding. But their job wouldn’t be that difficult since they have assistants to help them out.

Educational Requirements of an Executive Vice President

  • An Executive Vice President should posses a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Public Administration and other related fields. And advanced degree may sometimes be required and most organizations would opt for candidates who have experience in the executive level.

Occupation and Progress of an Executive Vice President

  • An Executive Vice President should be great communicators. They should posses’ outstanding leadership skills and good skills in business judgement. They must be able to properly delegate assignments to the right staff, be able to solve the problem that comes up in a company and should have the confidence and be goal oriented.

Since Executive Vice Presidents are top executives, they are highly paid. But according to recent studies there will be no change in the demand for this career in the next years. The industry will expect to have a lesser demand for vice presidents.

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