Hairdresser Job Description

by Publishing Team on April 4, 2011

Fashion as well as hairstyle, is just one of the most popular trends amongst young people today. They are always on the look out for a certain hairstyle that will add more drama to their features. Because of this a lot of young men and women are now considering the profession of a hairdresser. It may sound simple but if you love fashion and styles then profession will suits you best.

Getting interested? Get all the important details regarding this profession below.

What is a hairdresser?

Hairdressers are people who are skilled and trained to cut, style, add up hair color, straighten and even do some permanent wave treatment on the hair with chemical solutions, as well as give customers hair and as scalp treatments.

Duties of a Hairdresser

  • A hairdresser is responsible for assisting the senior hairdresser with customer preparation, shampooing, application sas well as removal of simple hairdressing chemical treatments, and even sterilization as well as maintenance of the equipment used in spa or salon.
  • A hairdresser is responsible for performing salon tasks such as bleaching, conditioning, permanent waving, straightening as well as tinting dry and style hair using different kinds of brushes, combs, straightening irons and other equipment typically used for setting the hair.
  • A hairdresser is also required to attend seminars and other workshops offered for hairdressers so as to help enhance his or her skills and knowledge.
  • A hairdresser is responsible for performing several of the receptionist’s duties such as answering the phone and taking appointments.
  • He or she must also clean the salon, work areas as well as the equipment after it has been used by customers.

Work Condition of a Hairdresser

  • AHairdresser is employed usually for several months in salons or spa. He or she normally has a shifting working hours depending on the business hours of the salon or spa.
  • A Hairdresser normally spends her working hours on his feet and talking with clients so it is appropriate to be well dressed and well mannered.

Educational Requirements of a Hairdresser

Here are the general requirements for those who are interested to apply for this profession: First, he or she must have a license in order to apply to high end salons and spa. Second, he or she must have proper training of hairstyling and even basic cosmetology from an accredited academy. He or she must have eligibility from the State Board Exam which is offered by the state. He or she must pass this exam both orally and written.

Occupation and Progress of a Hairdresser

Most hairdressers work at salons and sometimes accept home service from valued clients for simple salon services such as haircut, hair dye and such. Since the demand and popularity of different hairstyles every season, salons and spas are now looking for more skilled hairdressers. The success of this kind of profession is growing especially in the metropolitan where fashion is always changing.

The key to success, no matter how simple or complex your profession will be is to preserve and to work hard. Applying these attitudes toward your job will surely help you get that promotion you are dreaming of.

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