Jewellry Designer Job Description

Those who love to look at jewelry are amazed at the intricacy of the designs that are displayed in a jewelry store. They are a sight to behold and the glittering of these gems just lures the jewelry lover to purchase a set of their own. Jewelry enhances the look of someone who wears them and matches the dress wherein the result is elegance. These pieces of art are created by a jewellry designer.

What is a Jewellry Designer?

Jewellry designer is someone who is responsible for the design, making, repairing and selling of jewelry. A jewellry designer has the ability to form and polish stones, prepare metals needed in the process of creating jewelry.

Duties of a Jewellry Designer

  • The main responsibility of a Jewellry Designer is to design different kinds of jewelry which may include rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches and other jewelries that are currently in demand by consumers or being asked by a client to be made.
  • A Jewellry Designer carves the wax or shapes the metal to create a model for the jewelry to be made. After which, he solders together the parts of the jewelry, then a design is engraved or a gemstone is set. Polishing and cleaning of the jewelry is also part of the jewelry designer’s job.
  • In repairs, a Jewellry Designer may adjust ring sizes, reset or replace stones or remove and replace broken clasps or mountings.
  • A Jewellry Designer may also be tasked to talk to customers especially in small stores to entertain queries and converse with them if such customers are looking for designs that they want to be made.

Work Condition of a Jewellry Designer

A jewellry designer may be employed by jewelry factories, design or craft studios and retail shops. In retail shops, the working environment is usually clean, quiet and appealing while in factories, repair and studios, the environment is also clean and well lit but may be noisy as machinery is being used.

A 35 to 40 hour work week is the usual working hours of a jewellry designer. Though on peak season like the holidays, some stores may require overtime and weekend work. A jewellry designer must have great hand-eye coordination, patience, attention to details and meticulous in executing his craftsmanship. It is also required for this position to have good communications skill as talking to clients is part of the job. It is also required that a jewellry designer is artistic and stylish and as this job uses valuable materials, honesty and good moral character is essential.

Educational Requirements of a Jewellry Designer

Educational requirements for a job in jewelry designing may vary on the kind of employment being sought. For a freelancer, jewelry design may be self-taught or learned through short courses in jewelry making. For those who are considering working in private companies, a formal education may be required; like a technical course from a local college or technical school that teaches a range various skills including concept design, stone cutting and metal shaping and blending.

For manufacturing plants, computer aided design or CAD is becoming widely used and this skill is also needed to be learned by a jewelry designer.

Occupation and Progress of a Jewellry Designer

A jewellry designer has a great outlook for this profession. There is a steady demand for this kind of job. In order to progress in this skilled work, experience and reputation are the key elements. A jewelry designer may want to own his jewelry store someday and in order to do that he must build trust with customers and deliver the goods well. With this, certification and being part of an association are ways to increase the reputation of a jewelry designer. Jewelers of America Bench Professional Certification Program is offered by the Jewelers of America. Certification of jewel design is not required but an important factor to increase trust from customers. And being an associate of the Jewelers of America is a sure way to increase confidence in your profession.

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