Jewelry Store Manager Job Description

by Publishing Team on April 14, 2011

Jewels are nice to have or to collect. In one way or another they give the owner a status symbol. Such jewels do not only enhance one’s appearance but they also are great investments to behold. When people visit a jewelry store they are astonished at these jewels that sparkle at every angle and are enticed to buy them and invest in such luxury. And when the store satisfies the customer, they come back for more. The way of advertising and delivering superb customer service is the store manager’s specialty.

What is a Jewelry Store Manager?

A Jewelry Store Manager is someone who is responsible in handling the daily management of the operations of a jewelry store wherein he is tasked to do the following but not limited to it: he oversees the employees and their work, upholds customer service, prevents theft and is tasked to promote and advertise the store.

Duties of a Jewelry Store Manager

  • The main responsibility of a Jewelry Store Manager is the overall management of the jewelry store. But being the manager entails a lot of tasks needed to be overseen as the success of a store is reflection of the manager’s work performance.
  • A Jewelry Store Manager is obligated to manage the daily activities and operations of the jewelry store which includes the planning out of the work assignments and work schedules of the employees, assigning the specific duties of these employees, directs the store personnel to their specified merchandise and conduct employee performance review.
  • A Jewelry Store Manager is tasked to promote and advertise the store and its merchandise, the jewelry. He must be able to keep track of such advertisements and promotions by retaining a copy of such.
  • A Jewelry Store Manager is responsible for performing inventory of the whole store which may involve the counting or checking of stocks, reconciling of cash with sales receipt, keeping store transaction records and ordering merchandise and stock when necessary.
  • As this store has high profile merchandise, it is the Jewelry Store Manager’s duty to ensure that the store personnel comply with the store’s security, sales and record taking practices and procedures.
  • Practicing great customer service is also the Jewelry Store Manager’s job. He should be able to address the queries or concerns that may arise from the clients.

Work Condition of a Jewelry Store Manager

Since the Jewelry Store Manager is basically responsible for the smooth operation of a jewelry store, his work environment is mostly limited to the jewelry store where he may have a separate room or cubicle for his office. If he works in a chain of jewelry stores for a big company, he may have occasional travel to the headquarters to meet the top management and conduct meetings. But if works with a local jewelry store, he will be focused on running the jewelry store.

This job entails a lot of stressors so this position requires the Jewelry Store Manager to be someone who can work under pressure, highly organized and have great communication skills as he does not only deal with the store personnel but also customers as well.

Educational Requirements of a Jewelry Store Manager

In order to get this job position, a high school diploma will suffice to some jewelry stores but a college degree is the best education to have. A bachelor’s degree in business, management, marketing, retailing, merchandising or other related fields are preferred to land this job as a Jewelry Store Manager. Most stores also provide training to qualified candidates for this job.

Occupation and Progress of a Jewelry Store Manager

There is a steady demand for this position. For those who want to progress in this job, acquiring a master’s degree will give an advantage to move to a higher position in the top management especially if the jewelry store is owned by a big company while others may want to own the jewelry store in the long run for those stores that are local.

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