Model Job Description

by admin on September 27, 2009

A Model is a person who is employed for the purpose of displaying and promoting fashion in clothes or other products.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • A Model is responsible for their appearance when they are wearing clothes.
  • A Model is responsible for the type of make-up and jewelry they wear with the clothes that they are wearing.
  • A Model is responsible for the way they walk and the way they talk whenever they are modeling clothes or other products.

The Model is distinguished from other forms of entertainment because they are not considered as dancers, acting or other forms of entertainment. The Model does not necessary have to be “beautiful” but does have to give off an air of the type of character they are portraying. Models are in six different categories:

  • Fashion Models
  • Glamour Models
  • Fitness Models
  • Bikini Models
  • Fine Art Models
  • Body-Part Models

Many Models are Character Models portraying different people and the type of clothing that they may wear such as:

  • A Sports Model will wear sports clothing and active wear.
  • A male Model may be wearing business clothes for the business executive.
  • A male Model may be wearing clothes suitable for the family man along with a female Model and children who are modeling to show off a family type vehicle for an auto manufacturing company.
  • Some Models wear jewelry for Jewelry Companies.

The Model is one who dresses the part of the person they are portraying in order to be able to show off fashion or products. A variety of different types of Models have caused conflict because of the impact they have on the youth today. The type of clothes they wear and the things they advocate are very important in society today. Many people who have reached stardom will Model products for major companies in order help them make larger sales. This is a cross-over of being in the entertainment field to the Modeling Field. It is not uncommon for many actors and actresses to do this type of Modeling. In some cases products have been created just for the star in order to get more sales.

There is also the type of Modeling that is done for children. Some children will be shown wearing clothes, shoes, and accessories to school or play for major department stores in order to get more sales. These are Child Models and they like the older Models must be dressed neatly showing off the product. Cuteness in this type of Modeling is a plus for a Child Model.

Some female Models may do what they call cat walking or runway modeling that is they wear their fashion down a long runway in order to give the whole room a view of the fashions that they are wearing. Other types of Modeling is referred to as Editorial Modeling and this involves having your pictures taken and placed in fashion magazines, calendars, and other fashionable magazines that are selling fashions to the public. The focus on this type of Modeling is on clothes or accessories. Some Models are used to wear petite clothes in order to demonstrate how certain styles look while others wear plus-size clothes. It is interesting to note that the first person described as a fashion Model is believed to be Parisian shop girl, Marie Vernet Worth. She was a house Model in 1853 to her fashion designer husband, Charles Worth. Many Models try to have a figure like Marilyn Monroe while others prefer to be small like the famous Model Twiggy. No matter what style of Modeling that you do it is your poise and manner of holding your body that gets you good jobs as a Model.

Men Models do not make as much money as female Models do, however, there are famous men Models who do make a very good salary and are requested to Model certain types of clothes for men who are considered top executives or the rich and famous. Some of these Models are considered to be Super Models but mostly females fit those categories. These ladies are on the cover of Fashion magazines and are known as cover girls. Most of these Super Models are usually movie stars or famous performers in the entertainment business. It takes a lot of work to become a Model and you do need to attend Modeling School or some sort of training in order to perform as a Model.

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