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Crew Member Job Description

Many people pursue a degree to ensure their future with jobs that are refined and professional. But crisis is starting to take over and as a result, kids are not able to go to college. Because of this, you may want to consider being a crew member. It may sound unprofessional, but it is now gaining popularity because of the catastrophe taking over the business world.

Interested now, are we? Let’s talk more information about this job.

What is a Crew Member?

A crew member is a person working as a part of a group or a team usually in a food-related business. Crew members don’t have a specific task unless given by the employer and if not, they can be found working anywhere in the establishment.

Duties of a Crew Member

  • Crew members have a wide range of duty. One of these is preparing the food to be served to the customers of the establishment.
  • Crew members also serve the food and are often referred to as ‘waiters’.
  • After customers eat, it is also a duty of a crew member to wash the dishes and make them spotless for the next use.
  • The cleanliness of the establishment is also a must and crew members do their job by maintaining the hygiene of the establishment.

Work Condition of a Crew Member

  • Crew members usually work in any part of the establishment. Some crew members do different kinds of work at a different time.
  • Some crew members are specifically assigned to a part of the establishment depending on which work they are qualified or assigned at. They could be assigned in the kitchen, some in the dining area and some are in the counter.

Educational Requirements of a Crew Member

  • The job of a crew member does not need many requirements. Some establishments require a high school diploma while others employ high school students which are then referred to as the student’s part-time job.
  • Although there are not so many requirements, employers prefer candidates that can multitask and easily adjust from one work to another.

Occupation and Progress of a Crew Member

  • Crew members work with a crew or a group. They have a leader which sometimes called as the chief, which you could be if you are diligent, hardworking, committed and passionate to your job. This job may be your primary step to be successful, but if you want to progress in this job, you better harness your skills and work hard.

Although they say that being a crew member isn’t as professional as a doctor, always bear in mind that success is not in the job, but in you. If you believe that you can do it and you really do it, you would be at the top in just a matter of time. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of crew members in food establishments will increase by 10 percent through 2018. So start your pyramid of success by taking on this career.

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