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Guest Relations Officer Job Description

When going on a vacation, most people would prefer to stay in a hotel or other establishments with similar services. But whatever the choice of vacation home, one thing that people may remember is their experience of the hotel. Such experience will be a basis for the vacationers whether to return to that hotel or not. How they were treated as hotel guests will give them the whole impression of the hotel. This kind of responsibility rests upon the Guest Relations Officer.

What is a Guest Relations Officer?

A Guest Relations Officer or GRO is responsible for the handling of the front desk in all its aspects whether in a hotel, motel, lodge, inn or other business office that requires their position. A guest relations officer is the frontliner of such business establishment.

Duties of a Guest Relations Officer

  • This type of job is crucial as a guest relations officer represents the hotel in a manner wherein how he does his work will reflect what kind of hotel or establishment a customer has experienced as a whole.
  • One of the duties of a Guest Relations Officer is to welcome a guest into the business establishment, for a hotel, a warm reception is made sure to be given. They ensure that their guests are happy with their service at all times. When VIPs check in, he escorts them to their room and offers them the amenities they may want to avail.
  • It is the task of the Guest Relations Officer to promote their hotel or business establishment. He presents to the guests what are the amenities the hotel has to make their stay a much memorable one. He determines that the guests are satisfied and maintains their satisfaction throughout their time within the hotel.
  • A Guest Relations Officer must be able to listen to the complaints that may arise from the guests. He should stay calm and composed all the time and respond in a positive manner to the guest whose standards are not met.
  • A Guest Relations Officer assists the guests in their travel needs, like tours they can enjoy, where to dine, shop or rent a car among other arrangements that guests may desire to be helped with.

Work Condition of a Guest Relations Officer

  • Hotels and other similar business establishment is the usual working environment of a guest relations officer. He works a forty hour week and may be assigned on a shifting schedule as this kind of business establishments need to have people at the front desk.
  • A Guest Relations Officer is expected to be a people oriented type of person. He has to have great interpersonal skills, a very good listener and can communicate well. An expert in customer service is required for this position as he is the first and the last person a guest talks to during the hotel lodging. This job demands the Guest Relations Officer to work under any stressful situation that he may face; he must maintain pleasant demeanor amidst the pressure that he is in.
  • Proper decorum is expected of the Guest Relations Officer. As he is the hotel’s frontliner, he must have a neat appearance.

Educational Requirements of a Guest Relations Officer

One must attain a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism or other related field to become a Guest Relations Officer. An experience in a front desk job or other hospitality work is an advantage to land the position of a Guest Relations Officer.

Occupation and Progress of a Guest Relations Officer

Guest Relations Officer’s job has a steady growth for the next decade and may be beyond that. If one wants to progress from this kind of work, a supervisory or managerial position can be the next step in this career. Further education like a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and more experience will also be advantage points to expand the career opportunities from this job.

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