KFC Cashier Job Description

The quick service restaurant businesses are thriving nowadays because of popularity among the budget conscious population. Although all commodities are increasing in terms of costs, this type of food business still manages to maintain prices that are still favored by many.

What is a KFC Cashier?

A KFC Cashier is a service crew at Kentucky Fried Chicken who takes on orders and payments from the customers. He or She also facilitates assembly of orders.

Duties of a KFC Cashier

  • A KFC Cashier is responsible for taking orders and requests from customers. She is also responsible for replacing orders if requested by customers.
  • A KFC Cashier is responsible for gathering a customers’ order in a tray, this includes the main meal, side dishes, drinks, condiments and utensils.
  • A KFC Cashier is responsible for her own cash drawer and is liable for any losses.
  • A KFC Cashier is responsible for treating the customers with the best customer service practices. He or She is also responsible in entertaining a customer’s comments or complaints regarding the food and services. If there are complaints, the cashier is responsible for bringing it up to her supervisor or the manager for better resolution.
  • He or She is also responsible for performing roles assigned by the Supervisor or Store Manager such as doing inventory and performing some duties in work stations in the kitchen.
  • He or She is also responsible in cleaning up assigned areas of the store during opening and closing time.

Work condition of a KFC Cashier

  • A KFC Cashier works in the store on a shift basis, along with other service crew. Usually the shift is every eight hours with a one hour break.
  • The job is physically demanding, that is why is also requires full concentration. He or She is required to be physically fit and should pass the health requirements needed.
  • Basic computation, math and computer skills are needed to land the job.
  • He or She is also expected to interact with customers in a respectful manner regardless of any requests or demands that the customer has.

Educational Requirements of a KFC Cashier

A KFC Cashier must have completed his high school diploma. College undergraduates are also encouraged to apply.

Occupation and Progress of a KFC Cashier

There are so many opportunities for a KFC Cashier to move up the ladder of success. Since this job will receive training from the management, it will be beneficial for the Cashier. In these operational trainings he or she can gain knowledge that will make her more efficient in terms of performing her duties. This job may also prepare him or her for future permanent employment with the company. Quick service restaurants like KFC ultimately wants to hire personnel from within the organization should there be an opening because the individual is familiar with the work culture and is prepared for the job in terms of knowledge. The hourly salary rate is at $7.50 per hour. This position will be very useful for those wanting a part-time job to support themselves through school.

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