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Restaurant Job Positions Descriptions

There are many open positions in a Restaurant and will explain a few that might possibly be of interest.

The Open Positions that a person may have in a Restaurant with only a high school diploma are the following:

  1. Maitre d, host/hostess position/ this is a person who takes reservations, organizes seating, greets customers, seats customers, and distributes menus. In some cases they may operate the cash register.
  2. Chef or head cook position/ this person is responsible for all that goes on in the kitchen. This person usually does the hiring and firing of the kitchen staff as well.
  3. The Kitchen staff/ this will include several cooks, prep people, and short order cooks who are in charge of preparing breads, pastry baker, vegetables, salads, fry or a sauce chef and other cooks or chefs with special assignments depending on the size of the restaurant. These head cooks and chefs decide the menus, size of servings and direct kitchen helpers in the preparation of foods.
  4. The Kitchen workers/ these are the people who do the actual prep work like peeling potatoes, slice and dice vegetables and fruits, boil and bake, make salads and other projects as directed by the head cooks.
  5. Cashier/ This position is usually held by several people one or more persons per shift depending on the size of the restaurant. This person (s) is in charge of the cash register taking care of the cash and credit card transactions. They must make sure that the cash register is in balance and give the tips left behind for the wait staff. They must have good cash handling skills and be competent with computerized cash registers. They must be professional, polite and reliable. They thank the customer and ask if everything was to their taste. They sometimes are in charge of any customer complaints.
  6. Waiter/waitress/ this person are in charge of customer orders, serving the food and beverages and preparing an itemized check for the customer. Sometimes they may accept payments from the customer taking it to the cashier and returning the receipt to the customer. The waiter/waitress may perform additional duties like escorting the guests to their tables, making salads, and drinks. They are required to check the identity of any customer who is ordering alcoholic beverages before they are served. The bartender cannot always see the customer; therefore, it is the duty of the server to make sure that they are of legal drinking age. The server must always be polite, professional and reliable in their duties. They are the ones that the customer see’s and will complain to if food is not made to their liking so the server may need to relay this information back to the kitchen.
  7. Bus Person/ The bus persons help the waitress/waiters by monitoring and cleaning tables throughout service to the customers. The Bus Persons duties are that of clearing the tables, cleaning the tables and then setting them up with the proper table service for the next guests.
  8. The Dishwasher/ This person is responsible for keeping the kitchen clean, floors mopped, and dishes clean at all times. They also keep the pots and pans clean for the cooking staff and remove the trash as needed.
  9. Bartenders/ This person need to be licensed to serve and mix drinks and there is a special training school that teaches this type of work. The Bartender makes the drinks and sometimes serves them but most of the time it is served by the wait staff. Unless the restaurant has a bar as well as serving to dinner guests.
  10. Fast Food Workers and Counter attendants/ these people take orders from customers at counters or drive-through windows at fast food restaurants. They pick up the ordered items after they have been prepared by the kitchen and serve them to the customers. A Fast Food Worker normally serves the food out the drive-through window. The Counter Attendant normally has people who are setting inside at their counter and they serve them at the counter. The Counter person may be responsible to do things like make milk shakes, serve drinks, prepare salads or make ice cream treats. Normally the cook prepares the rest of the foods and gives it to the counter attendant to give to the customer.

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