KFC General Manager Job Description

by Publishing Team on April 19, 2011

KFC is one of the most famous fast food chains in the world. You may be amazed not only with the food they serve you but also with the service their crew offers you. It is the responsibility of a General Manager to give the best service to their loyal customers deserve.

Do you want to be part of the team of the one of the largest fast-food chain in world? Read this job description to have an idea of what you need to do to become a KFC General Manager.

What is a KFC General Manager?

A KFC General Manager is responsible for managing the daily operation of the restaurant. They also implement all operations according to their company’s standard. They may have an assistant manager to help them with their job.

Duties of a KFC General Manager

  • Meeting the sales and profit goal of KFC is one of the responsibilities of a KFC General Manager. This can be achieved by making sure that the customers are served hot food and within a limited time. This would prevent food wastage and help increase higher profit.
  • KFC General Managers are in charge of the daily operations of the restaurant. They ensure that they have enough staff for the shift, sufficient stock of food and make sure that the equipments are working properly. They also decide the opening and closing hours of the restaurant depending on the flow of customers.
  • A KFC General Manager is someone who interviews and hires aspirants and make sure that they have good working ethics and can be an asset to the company. When they have hired an employee they check all the requirements needed. At times they also have the power to fire employees for a number of reasons.
  • Overseeing the training of employees is another thing on the list of their responsibilities. They are also the one who deals with complaints from the customers. General Managers make sure that the rights and the needs of the customers are given for them to become patrons and come back to the restaurant.

Work Condition of a KFC General Manager

A KFC Manager works in a fast paced environment. Their work is both physically and mentally demanding at times. They are generally on their feet monitoring the operations of the fast food. It can be stressful and they need to have the patience especially when they are dealing with complaining customers. They may work more than forty hours per week but some chains are open late nights so managers are asked to work for longer hours.

Educational Requirements of a KFC General Manager

Basically it is enough to have a high school diploma to apply for this job but most employers would choose those who have a bachelor’s degree in business administration. It can also be an advantage if one has enough experience in management.

Occupation and Progress of a KFC General Manager

There are increasing branches and franchise of KFC worldwide, so there is an evident increase in the need for this General Managers. A KFC General Manager may progress to become a regional manager or they can be an executive manager who works in the central office. Others may have their own franchise and be the manager of their own fast food chain.

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