Fleet And Mobile Maintenance Foreman Job Description

by Publishing Team on July 26, 2010

A Fleet and Mobile Maintenance Foreman is in charge of supervising and evaluating the work of maintenance mechanics. They do related work as needed and receives orders, assigns them to mechanics, repairers and installers.

They are in charge of ordering the necessary parts and supplies needed for repair and maintenance work on vehicles, and are responsible for overseeing preventive maintenance works.

Nature of Work

Fleet Maintenance Foremen are responsible for creating schedules and determining work assignments based on job priorities, skills of assigned personnel and availability of need tools and equipment. They monitor work areas to make sure they are safe and workers follow standard safety procedures; examine tools and equipment in use to make sure they are safe and are not defective. Maintenance foremen also monitor the work levels of personnel who are involved in routine maintenance jobs and review their work performance. They are responsible for examining vehicles and equipment in order to determine what services or repairs are needed to keep them in good working condition. They are responsible for maintaining accurate records and preparing related reports. They are in charge of coordinating vehicle use and movement between company departments, repair shops and vehicle vendors/manufacturers.


A candidate for Fleet and Mobile Maintenance Foreman position must have extensive experience as an automotive mechanic and some supervisory experience at a service center or garage. He or she must have completed high school or vocational course. A combination of education, training and experience is preferred by most companies. Maintenance foremen must have the ability to follow oral and written instructions, ability to plan and oversee the work performed by automotive mechanics under them. They must have excellent ability in diagnosing automotive defects and failures, and using tools and equipment to repair and maintain vehicles. They should be able to get along with others.

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