Firefighter Job Description

by Writing Team on March 29, 2010

The Firefighter job involves the protection of life and property by combating, extinguishing and preventing fires.

The Firefighters primary objectives are:

  • The Firefighter primary objective is to save the life of a person.
  • The Firefighter objective is the protection of life and property.
  • The Firefighter objective is to combat fires by extinguishing or preventing fires.

The Firefighters work consists in constant training for and participating in fire fighting duties. The Firefighter often provides emergency care for sick and injured persons. The Firefighter participates in fire prevention activities on their assigned shifts. Often the Firefighter may go to schools and participate in fire drills. The teaching of children on what to do is very important in saving lives. In past history a Dalmatian dog was saved from a fire and became known as Sparky the “Fire House Dog”. Coloring books with instructions for young children were created to help teach them what to do in case of a fire.

A child is taught to stop, drop, and roll in case their clothes caught on fire. Family safety is taught to everyone now. You are taught by the Firefighter to provide escape routes out of your home and in case of an upstairs provide a ladder that your family can use. Once a family is on the outside there should be a meeting place so everyone will know who got out. The Firefighters who arrive will know if anyone is trapped inside the home and if possible enter rescuing the person. Unfortunately, out west many forest fires occur and you might get caught in an area that is inescapable. People often are the cause of forest fire and that is why “Smokey the Bear” became a mascot to teach campers how to put out a campfire, how to prevent forest fires, and what to do in case they are caught in a forest fire. Thousands of acres of tree’s burn down every year because of forest fires. Many Firefighters go and help put out forest fires. Some Firefighters lose their lives while fighting forest fires. There is danger in becoming a Firefighter as fires are not always predictable and the work area can be unsafe.

Firefighters are taught safety, information about the different types of fire, and first aid. The Firefighter is often the first person on the scene and must administer oxygen or first aid to a victim. In some cases chemicals may be found and the fire causes extreme heat, choking, and other problems. The Firefighter must be able to contend with all these situations. The Firefighter realizes that his life is at risk and that he must be able to help save the life of others. This is part of his job duties as well as teaching fire prevention. The Firefighter duties include maintenance of fire apparatus, as well as drilling and training in new fire fighting techniques and practices. Most Firefighters are professionally trained to use the hoses, open up the fire hydrants, climb ladders and carry heavy weights. The things that they carry are heavy in training because in actual fires they may need to carry a human being who could weigh a lot.

There are those who work as volunteers and follow the Firefighters to fires helping them in emergencies. These people are trained in rescue and safety so that they can be of a benefit when it comes to helping out in emergencies. Also in case of weather emergencies Firefighters are often called upon to help people who are caught in tornados, snow storms, and other calamities. The knowledge that a Firefighter has can be applied not only during a fire but also in other emergency situations. Many times a building might cave in during a storm or earthquake, the Firefighter can help remove debris and pull out victims giving them first aid and oxygen if needed. The gas lines or electrical lines might be down and pose a hazard; therefore, the Firefighter can disable or secure the lines for the safety of the people.

Firefighters find that they do many different duties besides fighting fires and saving lives. Part of their job is of course to teach others how to prevent a fire, what to do in case of a fire, and other emergency situations. A Firefighter might also be called to rescue a cat from a tree or rescue a pet that is caught in a drainage system. Their jobs can be rewarding knowing that they have helped others but they are at a high risk as well.

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