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NGO Project Manager Job Description

Every business or organization needs someone who can think of activities or projects that can be used for their development. NGO stands for non-government organizations. These are organizations built by legal and authorized people that are independent to the government. They do not ask anything from the government. The non-government organization is run only by these independent people. NGO has members who are responsible for this. They are called the NGO Project Manager.

What is an NGO Project Manager?

An NGO Project Manager is responsible in planning, implementing and finalizing the projects and activities in accordance of their members. They negotiate with the other members for their concerns and ideas, and also to the clients. Before implementing plans for the company, an NGO Project Manager must be consulted first. In his/her hands depends if the projects are approved or rejected.

Duties of an NGO Project Manager

  • An NGO Project Manager serves as a leader and mentor to the team members of the company. Every work and decision must be supervised by the NGO Project Manager. They are in charge of checking the development of the company by checking reports, proposals, presentations and documentations.
  • They protect and maintain the company’s status. If the trend is upward or progressive, they make sure that they will maintain it. But if the trend is upward or the company is experiencing difficulties, it’s the time that they have to double time working it.
  • They are also responsible for balancing and accounting budget for the project they are going to make.
  • An NGO Project Manager analyzes the projects. The advantages and disadvantages of implementing it.
  • When they have clients already, a NGO Project Manager is the one who updates them. They must secure that the clients are still interested to work with them.

Work condition of an NGO Project Manager

  • An NGO Project Manager spends his/her time working in the office. Almost all the time they are sitting and thinking. They think of plans and ideas they can suggest with other team members regarding a certain project. An NGO Project Manager is working overtime especially when the deadline of the projects are required a day after.
  • An NGO Project Manager must be computer literate. They use computer in making their job appropriate and faster.
  • They usually work in teams. An NGO Project Manager must have good communication skills in order to provide good decision for the team.
  • Must be physically healthy in order to maintain and pursue the job. Every day NGO Project managers deal with people, presentations and meetings. They also participate in seminars in other country for some purposes.
  • An NGO Project Manager is required to learn and understand an issue directly. He/she must be open for the things happening. He/she should also be able to accept and apply new technologies for their work.

Educational Requirements of an NGO Project Manager

  • In order to be a qualified NGO Project Manager, it is required for a person to obtain a bachelor’s degree. To be specific a graduate which course is related to business like accounting, business administration and more. These courses can help when applying for this position.
  • You must have good experience in this field.
  • You must have the passion of serving people and the company you will be working for.

Occupation and Progress of a NGO Project Manager

This profession needs a person who is good in leading members and company. This is one of the priorities of the job. Every day you mingle with so many people and problems. A NGO Project Manager must also be good in analyzing things.

An NGO Project Manager is a multitasking job. Everybody in the company relies and believes in him/her. The success and progress of the company depends on the move and decisions of the NGO Project Manager.

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