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Public Safety Officer Job Description

The Public Safety officers works under supervision, supervises the conduct of prisoners at county holding facilities.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • The Public Safety Officers assists and performs booking and screening procedures of prisoners.
  • The Public Safety Officer assists with the transportation of the county prisoners.
  • The Public Safety Officer receives and transmits radio and telephone communication dispatching law enforcement and public safety personnel.
  • The Public Safety Officer performs a variety of the Sheriff’s Department office support work.
  • The Public Safety Officer must pass Board of Corrections written exam and have a high school diploma or the equivalent.

A Public Safety Officer is responsible for prisoners who are placed in the county lock-up facility for duration of time. The Public Safety Officer is in charge of booking and screening procedures of the prisoners. While they are not their guard they are responsible for their where about until they have been assigned a cell for constant observation. The Public Safety Officer is the one who may transport the prisoners from the courthouse where they have been sentenced to the county jail where they will be kept for an extended period of time as sentenced by the judge. The Public Safety Officer often is in charge of all communication systems at the sheriff’s office answering the telephone and radio calls dispatching public safety personnel and/or deputies to needed residents or facilities.

The position of the Public Safety Officer after experience and training may be promoted to Public Safety Officer II which gives the individual the right to supervise. The Public Safety Officers will supervise prisoner conduct during booking procedures, meals and other activities. The Public Safety Officer may supervise the prisoner during detention in County jail. The Public Safety Officer also will help with taking the prisoners fingerprints during the booking procedures. The Public Safety Officer completes logs and records assisting with reports and release information. The Public Safety Officers screens and distributes inmate mail and delivers emergency messages. The Public Safety Officer answers a variety of calls within the 911 control room, receiving and classifying calls and determining g priority response and then dispatching the proper units. The Public Safety Officer dispatches units according to availability, assigned geographic area and current location.

The Public Safety Officer performs warrants and records check. Then the officer sends the warrants to other law enforcement agencies. The daily dispatch logs must be kept up dated by the Public Safety Officer. The Public Safety Officer must prepare a variety of information and report documents. Also performs related duties as assigned by his supervisor.

The Public Safety Officer must possess knowledge of the basic correctional procedures and prisoner control problems. In order to properly perform the duties of a Public Safety Officer you must also possess full knowledge of the Geography of the County. Also be able to perform general office and recordkeeping methods and procedures. You will be taught what you to do in the work situation but you need must have the ability to learn, assist with and perform a wide range of assignments regarding the care, custody, and booking of prisoners with minimum direction and supervision. You must be able to maintain effective discipline among prisoners during a variety of activities. It is very important that you have good communication with prisoners. The Public Safety Officer must be able to operate radio and teletype equipment. The Public Safety Officer must use sound judgment in dispatching personnel and equipment. Must be able to think clearly and act quickly in emergency situations. The Public Safety Officer should be able to read, interpret and analyze laws, rules, and regulations. The Public Safety Officer should have the ability to prepare accurate and grammatically correct written reports. The Public Safety Officer must be courteous and tactful, but firm, with their relationships with the prisoners and the public.

In order to become a Public Safety Officer you must pass the Board of Corrections written Entrance Exam and also you will be given an oral appraisal interview. You will be given an intensive background investigation, including fingerprinting and criminal history checks. You must possess appropriate physical and mental qualifications to pass a Public Safety Officer physical entrance examination and psychological entrance examination. Any specialty training that you may have is very helpful to get the required position.

Degrees and Training to Become a Public Safety Officer

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