Town Clerk Job Description

A town clerk or municipal clerk is expected to organize and handle huge number of tasks involving the storage and keeping of accurate record of the different activities within and of the town.

As a town cleric, the amount of jobs he/she should do is typically extensive. The town clerk care for the historical importance of all the town records. The town clerks are the fundamental connection for the public to the local government.

Town clerics’ duties and responsibilities are as follow:

  • Able to handle all aspects of the town or municipal’s processes and proceedings about the election.
  • Record and document the result of the town’s officials meetings.
  • Swears in the legally elected town officials.
  • Supervise, overlook and then do safe keeping of every town’s personnel significant certificates like their marriage, birth and death certificates.
  • Expected to issue the needed permits.
  • Gather the property tax of a town, add to that are other payments such as the water bill payment.

Town clerics are very important personnel of a municipal or town, simply because of the historical importance as he/she maintains all the important records of the town. He/she also serves as the crucial link that connects the public masses to the local government.

Degrees and Training to Become a Town Clerk

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