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US Department of Interior Job Description

The United States Department of the Interior also known as the DOI is the United States central supervisory department of the United States government which is responsible for the management and preservation of most national and natural property. The department has rated 71,436 employees as of the year 2004. The Department is managed by the United States Secretary of the Interior, who is a member and part of the Cabinet of the President. The Department of the Interior has a special role from that of the interior ministries of other state, which are typically accountable for functions performed in the United States. The Department has often been entertainingly called “Department of Everything Else”, because of its wide-ranging set of responsibilities.

US Department of Interior Positions and Job Description

  • US Department of Interior Information Technologist Specialist Job Description

The Information Technologist Specialist does secretarial or organizational duties to support of the department officers and management to obtain security clearance on workers, employee identification cards and account, preserve lock and key records, and arrange visit authorizations for workforce and others to gain contact to controlled areas. The Information Technologist Specialist interviews employees to confirm accuracy of information and total staff security questionnaires and associated documents. He or she also validate proper level of access to be approved to individuals, and links other companies or administration agencies to go after on clearance or visit endorsement requirements.

US Department of Interior Information Technology Specialist Salary:$101,000

  • US Department of Interior Landscape Architect Job Description

The Landscape Architect plans and proposes development of ground areas for development, such as leisure facilities, airport and residential sites. The Landscape Architect compiles and evaluate data on such site circumstances as geographic site; soil, undergrowth, and development of landscaping plans. The Landscape Architect plan site strategy, working drawings, provision, and cost estimation for land expansion, showing ground form. He or she also inspects construction work in development to make certain compliance with land specifications, to endorse quality of resources and job, and to advise client and structure personnel on landscape features.

US Department of Interior Landscape Architect Salary:$114,000

  • US Department of Interior Meteorologist Job Description

The Meteorologist is responsible in analyzing and interpreting meteorological information gathered by exterior and satellites, and radar to organize information and forecasts for community. The Meteorologist study and read between the lines synoptic information, maps, photograph, and charts to calculate long and short range climate conditions. The Meteorologist operates computer graphic equipment to create weather reports and maps for investigation and sharing to users. The Meteorologist may also transmit weather prediction over television or radio and organize particular forecasts and briefings for particular viewers, such as those concerned in air and sea transport, farming, fire prevention, and school groups. He or she may direct forecasting services at weather location, or at radio or television dissemination facility and may perform fundamental and essential or functional research in meteorology and establish and workers weather surveillance stations.

US Department of Interior Meteorologist Salary:$89,000

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