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Acupuncturist Job Description

A lot of people want to venture in the health care field where they choose to become either a doctor or a nurse. But the trend is changing now as there is an equally high demand in both traditional and holistic medicine. Because of this, you may want to consider being an Acupuncturist. It may sound old but yes it is indeed the latest “oldest occupation” that is growing in popularity.

Interested now? Let’s tackle more information about the nature of the work of an acupuncturist.

An acupuncturist is like a physician who diagnoses diseases, physiological conditions and injuries according to traditional Chinese medicine. The treatment would be through inserting acupuncture needles or by using other means of stimulating various points of the body.

Duties of an Acupuncturist

Acupuncture is being used in China for over two thousand years as a healing art. It has caught the attention in western nations just recently and now they are practicing this kind of traditional medicine. The basis of this treatment is on the idea that diseases occur when there is an obstruction or imbalance in the flow of vital energy or commonly called as Qi in Chinese. By stimulating particular points on the body, it would help alleviate the obstruction and imbalance which would result in relieving pain and restoration of health.

An acupuncturist employs methods and diagnostic tests to identify patterns of imbalance or tension. He or she will conduct an overall assessment of a patient’s physical, mental and emotional status.

Acupuncturists can also collaborate with a patient’s physician to order for additional diagnostic examinations to assist in the diagnosis of the disease.

Once a diagnosis is made, acupuncturists would identify which point of the body should be stimulated, how it will be done and how long will it be. Placing of needles is the primary step in the procedure. For health teachings, they recommend the use of herbal supplements, exercises, and specific dietary regimen.

Condition of Work

Acupuncturists often work in private offices and treatment facilities for long hours. They may also arrange schedules of treatment per client’s request.

The routine of handling items weighing up to 10 kilograms is always performed by an acupuncturist. Sometimes, it may require to carry or help move patients (for instance, from a treatment table to a wheelchair). They also follow a strict standard in using clean needle techniques and observe safety when handling and disposing the needles after each session.

Educational Requisites

General requirements to meet by an applicant are the following. First, he or she must register as acupuncturist and they must satisfactorily finish an approved program of education. At least 50 hours of experience in acupuncture for the past two years is highly needed.

Occupation and Progress

Most of the acupuncturists are working privately in their own clinics. Some are also collaborating with health care practitioners. Some acupuncturists are working on a contract basis, and roughly few of them are employees. If one wants to progress in this job, he or she can build a better, larger, and outstanding practice in acupuncture.

Always remember that success depends on how you see yourself. If you are persuasive and determined enough, you can surely reach the peak of success. There is a great expectation that employment turnover of acupuncturist will rise and boom over the next ten years. So, as early as now, start to build your pyramid of success by choosing this amazing career.

Degrees and Training to Become an Acupuncturist

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