Audiologist Job Description

by Publishing Team on March 10, 2011

Having problems, hearing? You need an Audiologist! Or you want to be one that’s why you’re reading this description for? If you’re the latter, read more about below on how to become an Audiologist, better yet read more on how to get a job as an Audiologist.

What’s an Audiologist?

Audiologists are professionals who diagnose or treat hearing disorders for infants, children, and adults. The field of work for an Audiologist doesn’t restrict them to merely medical assessments they can also give non-medical managements of hearing disorders, impairments in connection with disorders of communication.

Duties of an Audiologist

Well you now might have a slight idea on how an Audiologist works; Audiologist specializes in the hearing assessment for Adults and children. Rehabilitation of the impaired and tinnitus if you don’t know what tinnitus is it’s the ringing of the ears to duplicate sound. Doing this procedure gives the Audiologist the idea on the stance in which the patient needs a hearing aid or not. Aside from these aforementioned tasks of becoming an Audiologist, Audiologists can also handle auditory training for the hearing impaired.

Once a diagnosis is made on a patient the Audiologist then decides if the patient is given a hearing aid or not, if the patient can have the chance of ever hearing again the patient is given proper exercises diagnosis later to be used in proper restoring of the patient’s hearing. The Audiologist can also assign training rehabilitations like, auditory training, speech training and listening skills improvement trainings. If the patient has no future in having to hear again, the Audiologist is capable of giving hearing aids to patients.

Condition of Work of an Audiologist

Audiologists can have their own clinic or have an office with doctors of the same field. Being an Audiologist can be a full time job, working for 40hrs per week on a daily basis from Monday-Friday in their clinics or you can also be a call-Audiologist, Audiologists specializing in house calls from personal patients. But being an Audiologist on call can’t be that rewarding compared to a well-known Audiologist who has his own clinic. Aside from that, Audiologists can also work in Hospitals, offices, universities, the government and the military.

Educational Requirements of an Audiologist

Being an Audiologist you are required to have a degree in Audiology or AuD, after having acquired that degree you can pursue and get your masters in AuD and get your PhD, and ScD from various colleges that accredit these degrees. From these accredited universities you can have special training in the field of prevention, identification and assessment and of course the treatment of hearing disorders. Audiologists are required to have a license too in most states of the United States.

Occupation and Progress of an Audiologist

Over the past few years, Audiologists have been a part of our daily medical lives. Being an Audiologist is really worth your time being in clinics, the pay isn’t that bad too, just like regular doctors in different fields of expertise. You have the power or intellect to cure almost all types of hearing loss that’s out there! Use your expertise in these fields and you may just be the next top Audiologist.

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