Brain Surgeon Job Description

by Publishing Team on March 12, 2011

Ever dreamed of becoming a surgeon? Are you interested in knowing what is really needed to get a job as a Brain Surgeon? Want to fix human brains for a living? Read more to have the dream job of yours.

What is a Brain Surgeon?

A Brain Surgeon is a doctor specializing in operations that focuses on the nervous system, they are responsible in removing brain tumors and correct back injuries and diagnose diseases that are undetected. Neurosurgery or Neurological surgery is the field of specialty concerned with the diagnosis or treatment of disorders that affect the nervous system.

Duties of a Brain Surgeon

So what does a Brain Surgeon actually do? The Neurosurgeon or we call them Brain Surgeons, are very different from any other surgeons we have, why? Brain Surgeons specialize in correcting problems through surgery; these can include removing brain tumors, back surgeries and other neurological procedures. So why is it any different from any other surgeons is that Brain Surgeons can work in a variety of practices, they can practice general neurosurgery, others choose to have specific areas of expertise, it can be, spine, vascular, pediatric and peripheral nerves, these are just examples of what a Brain Surgeon can master. Most Brain Surgeons practice privately.

Work Condition of a Brain Surgeon

Having a job as a Brain Surgeon isn’t that bad too, aside from being called in anytime of the day, or being called in at night to asses a patient. Your job would actually revolve inside a room, or operating rooms of the Hospital. This job isn’t a walk in the park to; depending in your field of expertise being a Brain Surgeon can be very tiring spending 60hrs or more per week. The room conditions are a bonus though having well ventilated rooms, and well lighted.

Educational Requirements of a Brain Surgeon

This would be the very most important part of becoming a Brain Surgeon for being one isn’t that easy, you need to have at least 14 years of educational background under this degree. You need to complete 4 years of college and four years of medical school, after that you need to have an internship; the duration of the internship depends on what field you are studying. Brain Surgeons can pursue additional training like paediatric neurosurgery, neurosurgery care and stereo surgery. In other countries like the UK students need to study medicine for 5years and obtain an MBBS. After 5yrs of school, the student must perform 2years of training, in this training the student is paid to train.

Occupation and Progress of a Brain Surgeon

Being a Brain Surgeon requires very good education, although this very difficult may have its significant things that can make your life as a brain surgeon much more productive. Aside from the fat pay check waiting for you every month you get to have major operations to the human brain. Being a doctor is an honest job that requires an honest person, this field of expertise is a line between life and death, if you do anything that can harm your patient you it would have huge consequences.

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