Coronary Care Nurse Job Description

by Publishing Team on October 11, 2010

The following are the the things expected to a coronary care nurse:

  • Capable of performing nursing evaluations in order to gather information and recognize the needs of the patient.
  • Organizes and converses the needs of patients about the discharging.
  • Develop and execute his/her own nursing care plan that he/she can use with the patient so that the needs and concerns can be addressed effectively.
  • Work together with physicians and the like in directing caring plans and patient outcome facilitating.
  • Put into practice and assess patients’ response to care
  • Offer care that is based on ascertains standards of methods, policies as well as protocols.
  • Guarantees admission, transfer and discharge of patients efficiently.
  • With great leadership in terms of resources, thinking skills and in anticipation of patients needs.
  • Documents the evaluation, care delivery and response of patients to care using medical record.
  • Partakes in enhancement of performance for an improve outcome and processes.
  • Accountable for the current learning needs and education for competencies.
  • Molds and strengthens the service and operations of the unit every time and be the resource person for others.
  • Model of the institutes mission, vision and values everyday.
  • If there are other duties assigned, he/she must be flexible for it.

Degrees and Training to Become a Coronary Care Nurse

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