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CT Scan Technologist Job Description

Due to a heightened demand for competent diagnostic imaging skilled in all areas and specialties, employment opportunities for CT scan technicians are constantly rising. At present, CT scan technologists are in-demand, which means that they can enjoy a higher salary than most employees.

So with that knowledge, why not discover the opportunities that await you? Explore and learn benefits from this job.

What is a CT Scan Technologist?

Computerized tomography scan or CT Scan technologist is responsible for doing a scan known as a CT or CAT (computerized axial tomography) scan, it was originally known as EMI scan. A CT scanner is big ring-shaped equipment in which the patient lies. In taking a sequence of images that a computer synthesizes, an X-ray scanner inside the ring will rotates around the patient. Procedures may take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the type of scan. As a conclusion of a hospital visit, or as part of a planned diagnostic method, scans may be done. To form images of the internal structures of the human body, it is uses a combination – X-ray technology and computer program.

Duties of a CT Scan Technologist

  • They use computerized tomography (CT) scanners to create a cross-section of patients’ masses and internal organs for medical analysis.
  • They must be capable of precisely interpreting a physician’s scanning instructions, administer contrast materials, prepare and operate the CT scan equipment and place the patient to capture suitable images.

Work Condition of a CT Scan Technologist

  • A CT scan technologist should be in good health and vigorous because handling the equipment and impaired patients may become physically challenging.
  • CT scan technologists jobs are most often located in hospitals and diagnostic imaging.

Educational Requirements of a CT Scan Technologist

  • A qualified CT scan Technologist must complete a certified course in the radiology field. Often, people with a broad radiology background will search additional knowledge to enter into a career as a CT scan technician. Many CT technologists start their careers as a radiology technician and experience advanced course to become a CT Scan Technician.
  • A CT technologist must enroll in a school which offers CAT scan specialty training. Another year is needed to finish the CAT scan program. Some courses available for CT technologist are Associates and Bachelor of Science degrees.

Occupation and Progress of a CT Scan Technologist

  • A CT scan technologist can earn a yearly salary of $48,000 to $52,000. For CT scan technicians with proposed certification or skills, the average salary will depend into the upper end of the wage scale, which is generally at a median salary of almost exact $55,000.
  • The temporary CT scan technician jobs proposed through hospitals pay a competitive hourly wage and include job-related travel refund, benefits, free housing and fractional expense salary.
  • Some hospitals offer customized employment service to match the technologist with temporary positions in a variety of locations. Acquire CT board certification or be qualified for certification if it is propounded and required in your nation.

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