Cytologist Job Description

by Publishing Team on March 16, 2011

The presence of abnormal cells in our body can cause illness to an individual. These can usually lead to cancer and can lead to eventual death. Looking for the presence of abnormal cells is the job of a Cytologist. They provide a very helpful hand in identifying early causes of cancer that could help out in saving the life of a person possessing cancer cells.

What is a Cytologist?

A cytologist provides analysis in identifying abnormal or cancer cells in an individual’s body. They provide analysis to determine the diagnosis of a patient and find out what would be the best possible action to cure or prevent the spread of cancer.

Duties of a Cytologist

  • Uses microtomes to prepare slides of body cells from thin slices of tissue and observes and examines using a microscope.
  • Studies cell division into new formation of different cells from their tissue of origin and determines physical and chemical factors that are involved in the cell growth.
  • Provides analysis in gathering cellular data and endorsing this report to determine the best action to take for the curing of the cancer cells.

Condition of Work of a Cytologist

  • A cytologist works in a laboratory. Entry level cytologists can also expect to work in universities and hospitals that offer internship. Work hours may vary depending on the institution that you are working on.
  • Cytologists usually have microscope in front of them as they study various slides. Sitting in a work station for long hours are required since observation is necessary.
  • May be in direct contact with ill patients that will want to find out the results based on the sample provided.
  • Constant research is done to be up to date within the field and to find out any new development of unknown cellular abnormalities.

Educational Requirements of a Cytologist

  • This is a sensitive job as it concerns accurate reporting and the lives of people can depend on the observation of the cytologist. Therefore, a bachelor’s degree is required with studies in the field of cytology and biology.
  • Certification examination provided by the Board of Registry of the American Society for Clinical Pathology must be undertaken if you want to move up the corporate ladder. They can be considered in favor of the credentials that they have.

Occupation and Progress of a Cytologist

  • Cytologists can expect a stable job complemented by a good pay. Also, they can become a Cytotechnologist which is a specialized cytologist. Supervisory positions are also a path a cytologist can take.
  • Cytologists also have the option to get a job in the field of education. This can lead to other path for bigger opportunities and careers in the medical field.

Being a part of the medical industry can provide big opportunities to those who would like to get a job in this field. They can offer big and helpful assistance to the field of medicine and can save thousands of lives. Those who feel they have what it takes to contribute positively in the field of medicine; they are encouraged to get a job as a cytologist.

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