Hand Surgeon Job Description

by Publishing Team on March 30, 2011

Our hands serve a lot of function. We use this when we eat; cook, write, get dressed, and a whole lot more. We can’t imagine having even one of these injured. It would be very difficult for us to accomplish the things we have to do without our hands. There would be a time when problems would take place in our hands. A Hand Surgeon is the right person you should consult.

Do you already have the idea of what this surgeon does? Take a glance at the job description below.

What is a Hand Surgeon?

Hand Surgeons are the specialists in taking care of our hands. They deal with hand problems whether it require a surgery or not. They can also be experts in treating and diagnosing problems related of the shoulder and elbow.

Duties of a Hand Surgeon

  • A Hand Surgeon is responsible in identifying the source of pain, it may be from an injury, caused systemically or it can generally be a wear and tear. They may use tools such as X-ray, MRI and arthroscopic surgery.
  • Hand Surgeons examine the patients physically on their first visit. Assessing their medical history and other factors that would help them diagnose the condition of the client. After that they will treat the disorder.
  • These Hand Surgeons may use other means of treating a patient aside from surgery. Whatever option for treatment is used, they are accountable for restoring the normal functioning of the patient as soon as possible and with the least pain a client can experience.
  • The Hand Surgeon is responsible for setting the schedule of the surgery, communicating with the medical staff such as the nurses and anaesthesiologist. They are also responsible for monitoring the patient’s condition after the surgery.

Work Condition of a Hand Surgeon

  • Hand Surgeons usually work in sterile environment when performing surgery. Some surgeries may take hours to finish so they have to stand for long periods of time. They work long and irregular hours a week. They usually travel to other hospitals or clinics depending on the client’s condition. Hand Surgeons can be on call if ever emergency situation comes up.

Educational Requirements of a Hand Surgeon

  • To be a Hand Surgeon one must take a bachelor’s degree as a preparation for medical school then enrol in a medical school for four years. Aside from having years of training they also should have pass an examination to become a certified hand surgeon and to practice this profession.

Occupation and Progress of a Hand Surgeon

  • There is a lot of specialization in surgery and one of those is Hand Surgery. Since our hands is one of the most used parts of our body, we cannot set aside the fact that accidents may happen to our hands and it is important that we should do something to remain its functions.

It is said that the demand for surgeons will increase in the coming years. They may not be enough position available in private hospitals but those in the rural areas are the ones who are really in need of the services of these surgeons.

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