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Immunologist Job Description

Since there are tons of different kinds of diseases and ailments that are being discovered every year, a lot of young achievers dream of helping and making the field of medicine more advanced. Some of them dream of becoming a doctor or even a specialist to help others treat their diseases. As regards to this, the calls for immunologists are becoming more and more in demand.

Are you interested in this profession? Let us discuss now all the details regarding this medical profession.

What is an Immunologist?

Immunologist is actually responsible for observing and studying the function of one’s immune system. Through this skill, this person will then apply it so as to get cure and treatments for certain ailments and diseases cause by poor and weak immunity.

Duties of an Immunologist

  • An Immunologist is responsible for carrying out and planning those diagnostic tests as well as interpreting and analyzing the tests’ results of every patient. They are actually the one who read and make diagnostic conclusion according to the results of the diagnostic tests.
  • An Immunologist is the only one trained and licensed to apply medical techniques such as the radioimmuno assays and other assays methods. These techniques will actually help them to distinguish the present cause of one’s ailments or diseases.
  • An Immunologist is responsible for writing original papers and research for publication. He or she must also be able to deliver well researched presentations for both the international and national conferences.
  • An Immunologist works directly with his or her patients and have his or her own specialized patient clinic where all machines for diagnostic tests are present and functioning well.
  • An Immunologist takes the responsibility of all laboratory activities and even gets to handle other laboratory staff such as the biomedical scientists, pediatricians and immunology nurse specialists. This is important in making the diagnostic results easier.

Work Condition of an Immunologist

  • Normally an Immunologist works in his or her own clinic with a flexible time. He or she could actually get to choose the working hours he or she is comfortable with.
  • Weekdays are considered to be a full time working days as well so immunologist can work during weekdays as well and get their full salary.

Educational Requirements of an Immunologist

  • The general requirements for those applicants are: First, he or she must complete 13 years of medical training which typically includes a four year premedical college, four more years of medical school and another three years of residency and 2 more years for fellowship program. Second he or she must pass a certification test from the American Board of Allergy and Immunology in order to become fully licensed and certified.

Occupation and Progress of an Immunologist

  • Most immunologist work in a hospital or in a specialized clinics and laboratories. They are working together with other laboratory staff such as those biomedical scientists, pediatricians and immunology nurse specialists. If one desires to broaden his or her profession then he or she can always put up his or her own laboratory or clinic that could provide all the necessary medical diagnostic tests and results.

Bear in mind that the achievement and success of each individual actually depend on how you handle your profession. If you are hard working and willing to learn new things then it is most likely that you will succeed. In a year or two, the medical field will require more immunologists to help them treat and cure diseases. Start your building your dreams by simply choosing this field of work.

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