Labor and Delivery Nurse Job Description

by Publishing Team on April 14, 2011

If you adore babies and want to become a labor and delivery nurse, then read on for important details below as it talks about the roles and responsibilities of a labor and delivery nurse.

What is a labor and delivery nurse?

Labor and delivery nurses are best known as perinatal nurses who provide support and care for pregnant mothers before childbirth, during and after the expulsion of the baby. These professionals are responsible in ensuring that health and emotional needs of the mothers are met adequately throughout the whole process of childbirth. These nurses are equipped with the right skills in assessing various situations quickly and are often exposed in a stressful birthing environment. Labor and delivery nurses are the foremost nurturers especially when babies are ready to be delivered and until the doctor arrives.

Duties of a labor and delivery nurse

  • Labor room nurses have the ability to operate machines and interpret crucial readings using various devices for fetal monitoring.
  • These health care professionals also perform a through physical assessment of the pregnant mother within each stages of labor and report any significant changes to the attending physician or the head nurse.
  • They also work as a phlebotomy by starting an IV line and other central line and must possess good skills in critical analysis as they mostly deal in life threatening events and situations and should therefore react in a fast-paced manner to help preserve the life of both the mother and baby.
  • Labor and delivery nurses must possess adequate knowledge on hemodynamic are responsible in monitoring circulation and blood flow of the mother and the baby on a routine basis during the childbirth process.

Conditions of Work of a labor and delivery nurse

There are lots of venues that labor and delivery nurses can work. However, most of them are usually found in labor and delivery unit and maternity ward of a hospital. In addition to hospital areas, these nurses can also be found in various health clinics and departments, birthing homes, maternity centers and OB offices.

Educational Requirements of a labor and delivery nurse

  • In order to become a labor and delivery nurse, you must obtain a current RN license along with a 4 year education as bachelor’s in nursing or an associate degree.
  • Some hospital employers also accept a certificate or hospital diploma.
  • Labor and delivery nurses must acquire a good educational background in maternal and child, fetal monitoring and neonatal resuscitation.

Occupation and Progress of a labor and delivery nurse

A job as a labor and delivery nurse can lead you for job security and quicker employment as the profession is in demand and the salary range is high. Labor nurses can earn an average salary about $40,000 and $90,000 per annum. Their salary depends on their gained work experience as well as the location and size of employer.

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