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MDS Nurse Job Description

Ever wonder what makes an MDS Nurse far different from any other nurse? Get to know their job description and you might one to become a MDS Nurse too.

What is an MDS Nurse?

MDS (Minimum Data Set) Nurse is a registered nurse that performs assessments on patients as mandated by the federal state in any health care facility. MDS Nurse collects important data and compiles it and reports it to the health facility. They work together with MDS Care Plan Coordinator.

Duties of an MDS Nurse

Being a nurse is not just the duties of a Minimum Data Set Nurse. There are plenty of administrative tasks they are responsible for as well:

  1. Keep updated with the federal and state regulations including the professional standards.
  2. Monitor patient charts and ensure they are properly encoded. Transmit it electronically in timely manner and coordinate with other team to carry out the treatment for patient.
  3. They make sure that they follow all the policies set by the health care facility and agency.

Work Condition of an MDS Nurse

A Minimum Data Set Nurse works in an office and health care facilities where patients are admitted. They interact with the residents, visitors and other personnel who are in the health care facility. They may need to work beyond normal working hours and even on weekends when necessary. Their work environment can be risky because they are prone to fall, burns, odors and others. They can be exposed to diseases, infectious waste and other ill health conditions. They too communicate with other medical staff when the job requires it.

Educational Requirements

MDS Nurses are registered nurses (RNs). They need to have a working experience in health care facility, nursing home and hospital. Other licensed nurse and vocational nurses can become a MDS nurse too. After completing their bachelor’s degree in nursing and any associated nursing program, they must seek accreditation to become an RN or Registered Nurses. They should be trained on medical terms, anatomy, clinical skills and other topics in order for them to be accredited.

They must pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX RN) offered by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. The American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordinators also offers certification programs to become a Minimum Data Set nurse where they need to take a series of online courses to finish it.

Occupation and Progress of a MDS Nurse

There is an excellent career growth not only for MDS Nurse but as well as the nursing field as a whole. They can become a MDS Coordinator if they good in their field. The annual salary of a Minimum Data Set nurse ranges from $74,000 – $131,000 [Glassdoor].

MDS Nurse and any other related job is quite a starring career too. If you are in the field of nursing then you can purse a Minimum Data Set nurse career as long as you pass all the certification program offered by the federal state.

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