Medical Secretary Job Description

by Publishing Team on December 9, 2010

The Medical Secretary handles clerical duties and tasks with the application of medical knowledge and practices.

The Primary Objectives of a Medical Secretary:

  • The Medical Secretary primary objective is to work in the doctor’s office, clinic, group practice, and hospital as well as government agency.
  • The Medical Secretary primary objective is to utilize their knowledge of medical terminology, practices as well as insurance procedures.
  • The Medical Secretary primary objective is to handle administrative tasks.

The technological advancement and improvements are restraining the growth for many secretarial and clerical works and fields; however, the focused medical skills and terminology needed by the Medical Secretary makes this career a very feasible job option.  The Medical Secretary can work for many field such as in private practices, hospitals, government health agencies or even for home health companies.

The Medical Secretary or sometimes called administrative assistants works in a doctor’s office. They can also work for a group practice, the clinic, the hospital or a government agency. The Medical Secretary has a related job description as other secretarial job in other businesses; however, the Medical Secretary needs specialized and dedicated knowledge about medical terminology, practices and knows the insurance procedures. The Medical Secretary‘s particular job duties are entirely dependent on the size as well as the type of the facility. There are some medical secretaries that works at the front desk where they answer phone calls, schedule meetings and appointments, and then greet and register clients. The Medical Secretary completes the insurance forms and then verifies the coverage.

The Medical Secretary having thorough knowledge of medical terminology performs also transcription from the recordings given by the physicians. The Medical Secretary prepares the correspondence for the healthcare providers of the facility and types the reports as well as documentation via word-processing software. The Medical Secretary also does data entry on the computer in order to make the patient records up-to-date using the spreadsheets and databases. The Medical Secretary makes copies of documents and charts for the patient. The Medical Secretary files and returns them to the medical records clerk. Major medical centers that employ Medical Secretary answers the phone, relays messages, handles correspondence and makes travel arrangements.

Degrees and Training to Become a Medical Secretary

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