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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a medical imaging technique used in radiology to visualize the human body without cutting it open. Doctors used MRI scan to accurately detect disease throughout the body and treat medical conditions. Because of this, a MRI tech is necessary as part of a modern medical practice. It is one of the most in-demand healthcare jobs. Working as an MRI technologist can be a rewarding experience.

Are you looking for a healthcare job that is rewarding, fascinating, in-demand? Perhaps, you might want to consider an MRI Technician as a career. Let’s discuss the nature of work of an MRI Technician.

What is a MRI Tech?

A MRI Tech is a qualified person who operates magnetic resonance imaging scanners to capture images ordered by a doctor to aid in diagnosing patient’s disease. MRI techs must have a careful attention to details and follow doctor’s instructions. They assist the doctor to create a safe environment for a patient in a MRI room.

Duties of a MRI Tech

MRI Tech has responsibility of creating a safe environment for a patient in a MRI room. An MRI tech operates and prepares the MRI equipment for a patient to have a correct position. He screens patient for presence of a metal which should not be brought to the MRI room.

There are some patients who claustrophobic or having fears in a closed area. MRI techs must be able to handle this kind of patients. Some of these patients are sedated before entering the MRI room.

MRI Tech must be able follow doctor’s instructions precisely for needed specific images and record them effectively for patient’s diagnosis and treatment.

MRI Tech’s responsibilities also include maintaining the equipment for proper functionality.

Work Condition of a MRI Tech

MRI Tech works usually in hospitals, medical facilities, medical laboratories, and diagnostic imaging centers. The number of hours and the working conditions of MRI techs may vary depending on the place and size of the working place. The work of an MRI tech requires a moderate amount of physical activity to work with the medical equipment and assisting patients in the machine or lifting disabled patients.

Educational Requirements of MRI Tech

The educational requirement for a MRI tech is an associate’s or bachelor’s degree program in radiology field. A two-year associate’s degree program in radiologic technology must be accredited. Sometimes it is also required to have one-year MRI technology certificate after obtaining a degree. Being registered to ARRT (The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists) is sometimes required also. This provide additional technical expertise and to have focus on MRI technology.

Occupation and Progress of an MRI Tech

Physical stamina is vital in this occupation since MRI techs operate the equipment and may lift patients. Aside from that, the radiation hazard of this occupation exists but can be minimized with safety procedures.

To progress in this job, one must acquire trainings, certifications, and additional education. Some MRI techs progress by becoming a nuclear medicine technologist. With additional training and experience some MRI techs may become specialists in performing CT scanning, mammography or bone densitometry. Others also become instructors in a radiologic technology programs.

What are you waiting for? A MRI tech could be a right career for you.

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