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MRI Technologist Job Description

Nowadays, a lot of advancement in the field of medicine have emerged. One of those are the availability of MRIs or Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Many hospitals and health care facilities are looking for operators of these radiologic equipments. Below are the job descriptions of a MRI technologist.

What is a MRI technologist?

MRI technicians are also known as MRI technologists. They are responsible in handling magnetic resonance imaging machines in order to create detailed pictures of tissue and organs in the body. MRI technologists work under the close supervision of a radiologist.

Duties of MRI technician

  • The MRI technologists assist patients during MRI procedures. MRI technologists position their patients before starting the procedure and correct any discomforts that are being experienced during MRI.
  • MRI technologists also explain the radiologic procedure to their patients so as to alleviate fear and anxiety. MRI procedures can be very frightening for some. With this, adequate information can aid patients to remain calm and relaxed.
  • The MRI technician should always be prepared in answering questions and queries that the patient wants to know regarding the procedure.
  • Radiologic technologists may also use some restraints onto the patient to make sure that they are safe during the MRI procedure. MRI technologists are also responsible in monitoring for the patient’s safety and should be prepared in performing some emergency procedures when needed.
  • MRI technologists are responsible in choosing options for the software and adjust the MRI table and MRI machine basing on the particular images that needs to be carried out.
  • They should also review the result and input the reports on the computer. These MRI technologists must regularly check equipments to make certain that it is functional before any procedures.

Condition of Work

MRI technologists work in long term facilities or hospitals, radiographic units and diagnostic imaging center. They also work under the direct supervision of radiologists.

Educational Requirements

Some states require a certificate from a MRI technician school in order to get the job. An associate degree in radiologic technology is also required by most employers along with a prior work experience.

Occupation and Progress

Due to the huge demand of health care services, an increase in the demand of MRI technologists is also expected. According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, job prospects for MRI technologist are predicted to increase by 17% starting from 2008 up to 2018.

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