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MSW Mental Health Job Description

Having a Masters degree in Social Work or MSW allows social workers to obtain an advance career as well as providing therapy for clients. MSW is a broad field. One of the most common workplace that a MSW can be employed is in mental health institutions.

What is a MSW mental health?

A MSW mental health is a social worker who is employed at mental health institutions. Their main duty is to interact with people who are experiencing stress or in a crisis situation. Their job also includes working with socially excluded people. They maintain a good professional relationship with other people wherein they act as an advocate and guide them towards recovery.

Duties of a MSW mental health

  • Mental health social workers help families and individuals experiencing various personal issues like mental disabilities, physical disabilities, alcohol or drug addiction, extreme poverty and domestic abuse.
  • Similar with psychologists, these social workers mostly specialize in a specific are of need or preference.
  • These particular social workers are found in mental health institutions and often provide emotional and psychological support to their patient. They help patients in dealing with problems such as emotional and psychological issues.
  • They are also responsible in making certain about patient’s safety as well as encourage patient to verbalize their feelings and provide other therapeutic activities that allows them to express their suppressed emotions.

Condition of work

Social workers are employed in a wide variety of settings. Most social workers are present in government industries, public schools, long term facility or hospitals, mental health institutions and rehabilitation clinics. A good interpersonal communication skill is essential as they mostly deal with vast people experiencing a crisis.

Educational requirements

  • In order to become a MSW mental health worker, a master’s degree in social work is essential. Some employers also require candidates to finish a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work or BSW.
  • Aspirants can also enter in this field with a major in sociology and psychology. However, a master’s degree is mostly beneficial if you want to work in a clinical or school setting.

Occupation and Progress

Job prospects for social workers with a master’s degree are expected to boost by 9% faster than any other occupations. A MSW mental health worker and drug and alcohol abuse social worker also gains about $37,210 median salary.

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