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Music Therapist Job Description

If you are suffering from any illness, listening to music can soothe all the pain that you have. In some hospitals they offer this kind of services given by a music therapist. Ever wonder who are they? Let’s get to know them and what kind of work they can offer to you.

What is Music Therapist?

Music Therapist handles therapeutic music program for their patients in order to offer mental and physical care for their health condition. The music serve ad therapy for patients in maintaining their mental health, increasing understanding abilities, improving their physical performance as well as their over all well being. They make that that the activities they offer will cater the needs of their patients. They too can use instruments and other vocal activities during their therapy sessions. They help their patients to feel relax in spite of their health condition.

Duties of a Music Therapist

Some of the functions of a Music Therapist include that following but this can vary to others as well:

  1. Evaluates their patient’s abilities and create a plan regarding musical activities that will cater the needs, interests and abilities of their patients.
  2. Offers professional treatment and guide their patients to use these treatment activities particularly in the field of music.
  3. Makes therapeutic plans for their patients.
  4. Evaluates the progress of their patient and make sure they meet all their goals.
  5. Keep the medical records of their patients.
  6. Makes reports regarding their patent’s reactions and performance regarding the activities performed.
  7. Coordinates with other nursing activities in order to meet the objectives of music therapy program.
  8. Uses instructional vocal and music lessons for their therapy projects.
  9. Teaches patients regarding music activities.
  10. Organizes musical entertainment shows for the whole institution.
  11. Conducts the music therapy programs and implement activities related to it.

Work Condition of a Music Therapist

Music Therapist works in a hospital or school. Most of their job is spent on coordinating and conducting classes with patients and other students. They also plan and make lesson plans for the group. They observe the progress and needs of their patients and keep records of their patients to determine what the effective form of music therapy is. Most of the time, they handle disabled and mentally ill patients so they have to work under pressure and stressful conditions. At times too, they help their patients out in the wheelchair and even teach them how to handle music instruments.

Educational Requirements of a Music Therapist

To become a music therapist, one must have a bachelor’s degree in music or therapy. They are required also to get a certification regarding music therapy that is given usually by American Music Therapy Association. Another requirement is to complete the program and pass the examination given by the Certification Board for Music Therapist. They need to renew this certification in every 5 years. Some are also required to take training programs and on the job experience as therapist, intern or apprentice.

Occupation and Progress of a Music Therapist

Music therapist is getting popular as job occupation because there are a lot of medical institutions that offers educational and musical therapy for their patients. It has been proven that music therapy is effective n a wide variety of patients in getting them cured and cope up with their disability. Usually a music therapist starts working in a school and then handles a class of disabled patients or students. Once they gain experience from doing a classroom instruction, they can further their career in working in a hospital or clinic. They can schedule classes and meetings with their patients and even conducts a one-on-one therapy session. In the long run they can even supervise an entire group of music therapist. Usually the average income of music therapist yearly is about $70,000 but this varies according to the work and industry where they are working.

Have a patience to teach disables students? What more if you love music too, then being a music therapist can suit you as your job.

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