Nuclear Medicine Technologist Job Description

Every field of technology and sciences is advancing into the future. More and more equipments and treatment are being developed to give better care to people. Every organization and private business sectors are into having specialists join them because of tough competition in providing the best health care for patients.

What is a Nuclear Medicine Technologist?

A Nuclear Medicine Technologist is a specialist in the administration of nuclear or radioactive drugs to patients under the supervision of a physician.

Duties of a Nuclear Medicine Technologist

  • A Nuclear Medicine Technologist is responsible for detailing and clarifying the procedures in administration of the radioactive drugs in a patient.
  • A Nuclear Medicine Technologist is responsible in monitoring the administered radioactive drug in a patient’s system by tracking it using medical technology equipments such as scanners and computer monitors.
  • A Nuclear Medicine Technology is responsible for documenting all findings pertaining to the radioactive drug administered to the patient. He is responsible for presenting pertinent reports to the physician for its further interpretation and assessment.
  • He is also responsible for performing certain laboratory tests on a patient to ensure proper administration of radioactive treatment.
  • He is responsible for proper stocking, safekeeping and discarding of radioactive drugs or pharmaceuticals in keeping with its safety measures.

Work condition of a Nuclear Medicine Technologist

A Nuclear Medicine Technologist works in a laboratory in a hospital or a private diagnostic and treatment center. Since he is on-call, he may be also expected to work during the weekends or even during holidays. He may put on working forty hours per weak. He is expected to be physically fit since this profession may involve lifting of patients including manipulating certain equipments that need lifting as well. He must also be very cautious since he will be dealing with radioactive drugs and radiation all the time.

Educational Requirements of a Nuclear Medicine Technologist

  • A Nuclear Medicine Technologist must have completed a Bachelor’s Degree from a university, and associate degree or a certificate program from an accredited hospital.
  • Certificate programs are normally undertaken by medical professionals who want to earn credit for specializing in nuclear medicine.
  • He must be licensed under the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board. There are also several licensure examinations required by different states and countries so the applicant must look up into it to be sure of being eligible.

Occupation and Progress of a Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Statistics show that the advancement in technological equipments and treatments may open several job positions for specialists in the field of nuclear medicine. However, this may need professionals who are experienced and have acquired a specialty in terms of knowledge and skills in this field. Most Nuclear Medicine Technologists may move up to being supervisors and directors in other fields of Nuclear Medicine. Others can also further their career in sales by joining radiopharmaceutical and medical equipment companies. Most experienced professionals can also seek for a higher pay grade. The general salary for this position is $56, 000 annually. Most private diagnostic and treatment centers even offer health coverage and benefits such as sick leave and vacation leave credits with pay.

Degrees and Training to Become a Nuclear Medicine Technologist

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