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Nurse Anesthetist Job Description

Since the healthcare industry has been in boom for the last three decades because of the medical advancements, more and more medical specialists are being hired by so many hospitals and health centers every year. In the world of business, these organizations are out to compete with each other in providing the best possible healthcare that one can offer an individual.

What is a Nurse Anesthetist?

A Nurse Anesthetist is a licensed and registered nurse who specializes in administration of anesthetics in a patient. She is also responsible for monitoring of patients administered with anesthetics.

Duties of a Nurse Anesthetist

  • A Nurse Anesthetist is responsible for administration of anesthesia in patients in preparation for surgery. She is responsible for determining the amount of anesthesia to be administered per given surgical case.
  • A Nurse Anesthetist is responsible for monitoring the patient’s condition upon administration of anesthesia.
  • A Nurse Anesthetist is responsible for comprehending a patient’s current medical condition in keeping with the amount of anesthesia to be used. She must also be aware of certain allergic reactions the patient may develop.
  • The Nurse Anesthetist works in cooperation with the assigned physician or surgeon and other medical staff.

Work condition of a Nurse Anesthetist

  • A Nurse Anesthetist works in the operating room of a private or public hospital. Working as a Nurse Anesthetist may require one to work long hours, during the weekends including holidays. This job requires the person to have her full concentration on the job as well as a calm manner in handling it.
  • It is required that she is physically fit to handle the long hours of the job. She is also expected to be able to communicate with patients well as it is a known fact that all patients are more anxious in facing surgical procedures.

Educational Requirements of a Nurse Anesthetist

  • A Nurse Anesthetist should have completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and should have passed the licensure exam and is a registered nurse.
  • She should have acquired clinical experience in practical nursing.
  • There are also certain licensure exams that she needs to pass to be eligible for the position such as the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist.

Occupation and Progress of a Nurse Anesthetist

Accordingly the nursing profession holds the largest population in terms of employment. It is evident in the population of graduates in different universities across the countries. More hospitals and health organizations are expanding in terms of providing healthcare to many, and as such are also in the look out for more trained and skilled specialists to be able to aid physicians and specialized physicians as well. It is noted that a profession in nursing is the most promising career in the last three decades. The compensation package of this specialized position is very attractive. Annually a Nurse Anesthetist can receive as much as $130, 000. Of course an experienced Nurse Anesthetist can even receive a higher pay grade. Aside from receiving a high salary, most are also benefitted in terms of receiving medical coverage, paid vacation and sick leave credits including additional financial benefits.

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