Nurse Az (Arizona) Job Description

In Arizona, there has been a growing need for health care professionals. The increasing population as well as lack or nursing colleges and people leaving the medical profession have resulted to a critical nursing shortage.

What is a nurse?

Nurses are health care professionals who are responsible in patient’s safety, health maintenance, and medical treatment, convalescent of injured and ill persons and provide immediate interventions in some life-threatening situations. Nurses also perform various medical research and practice duties in non-clinical areas for the health care delivery.

Duties of a nurse

  • Basically, nurses nurture and treat the ill, disabled and injured patients including mothers and newborn babies.
  • Nurses are responsible in assisting surgeons in times of surgeries, taking charge in other nursing works as well as non-medical staff in the operating theater.
  • Nurses are in-charge in drug and medicine administration, application of surgical dressings, wound cleaning and assist medical treatments that are prescribed by the attending physicians.
  • They also keep reports and records detailed and accurate. Significant changes on the patient’s status should also be documented and reported immediately to the physician.
  • Nurses help prepare mentally ill clients with psychological and physical needs for their treatment.
  • They can also take care of the sick patients within their homes.
  • Nurses may render various nursing services, health education and care in the community, organizations and in industrial workplace. They may also engage in several research activities that are related with nursing practice.

Conditions of Work

Nurses can work in a wide variety of workplaces. They can get employment are clinics, hospitals, clinics, outpatient department, health centers, medical tourism, medical transcription, rural health centers, day care centers, Health Care Delivery System, home health care, long-term care facilities for the elderly, independent nurse practice and health Maintenance Organizations or HMOs.

Educational Requirements

In order to work as a nurse, a bachelor’s degree in nursing is essential. A license from the the Professional Regulation Commission or PRC is also important to practice the nursing profession. Licensing may vary from state to state. However, some employers may hire candidates with prior work experience at least 1 to 2 years. Candidates should also possess good critical thinking skills as this profession handles emergency cases and life-threatening situations most of the time.

Occupation and Progress

The demand for nurses in the medical market is steadily increasing especially in 1st world countries like United States, Ireland, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and Middle East.

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