Nurse Practitioner in Idaho Job Description

Just like in some other states, nurse practitioners in Idaho, United States are mostly registered nurses. Below are the lists of information to read on about the job description of a nurse practitioner in Idaho.

What is a nurse practitioner?

Nurse practitioners are health care professionals with an advanced degree in nursing. Their job entails a many different health care duties in various settings that are focused on the nursing model and code of ethics.

Duties of a nurse practitioner

  • Nurse practitioners have duties almost the same as physicians do. In most states, nurses are responsible in taking the patient’s medical history, diagnosing various medical conditions and providing preventive medical care which includes annual physical check-up, interpret laboratory results, X-rays and other diagnostic tests.
  • Nurse practitioners may also provide health education to their patients so as to support and promote healthy lifestyles and eliminate bad habits.
  • Nurse practitioners may also prescribe medications in about 50 states.
  • They mostly specialize in various fields in nursing such as family medicine or pediatrics. Each state varies with its regulations about nurse practitioners as some may require nurse practitioners working under the direct supervision of a doctor.

Conditions of Work

  • Nurse practitioners mostly work in a clean and well-lit environment like hospitals and medical clinics. Nurse practitioners have flexible working schedules as some may work on conventional working periods while others tend to work at nighttime, overnight or weekends. Some nurse practitioners especially those in a hospital facility are also required to have an on-call duty.
  • A nurse practitioner often comes in contact with lots of contagious diseases. Thus, strict attention regarding protocols to prevent disease transmission is essential.

Educational Requirements

  • In order to become a nurse practitioner, candidates must obtain a bachelors degree in nursing. Once candidates become registered nurses or RNs, they are then eligible in entering graduate nursing programs and accomplish a master’s program in nursing or MSN degree. There are any available universities and colleges that offer various MSN programs. A master in nursing typically lasts about 2 years.
  • After accomplishing a MSN program, aspiring candidates should complete a state board examination to gain a license and become a nurse practitioner.

Occupation and Progress

As the baby boomer ages and needs more medical services and care, the growth for nurse practitioners also increases. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) speculates that a job as a nurse practitioner will be in high demand especially on medically underserved areas like rural areas and inner cities.

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