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Nursing Home Administrator Job Description

Nursing homes are part of a long-term continuum that comes with a highly regulated portion in the field of healthcare. With this, administrators of medical facilities should ensure that they meet properly the extensive federal and state requirements along with the numerous injunctions like the Life Safety Code.

What is a nursing home administrator?

A nursing home Administrator is a person who acquires a specialized area in health and medical service management. These are professionals who work in supervising administrative and clinical affairs of a nursing home and other related facilities.

Duties of a nursing home administrator

  • Typical jobs of a nursing home administrator includes overseeing personnel and staff, medical care, financial matters, medical equipments, facilities and other duties related to home care management.
  • Nursing Home Administrators manage and monitor a wide range of operations in a nursing home including food service, personnel, marketing operations and building maintenance. Administrators are accountable in the finances and billing of the nursing home.
  • A nursing home administrator is responsible on the daily running of the healthcare institution. The administrator is also responsible in ensuring the well being and good health of each resident. Other responsibilities may cover managing other employees and ensure that the facility meets the state’s requirements in health care.
  • Home care administrators oversee the overall staff in the institution and are tasked in hiring, promoting, firing and salary increases.
  • The home care administrator must also develop the organization’s budget and approves the general capital expenses as well as appropriate planning for the institutions progress.

Conditions of Work

  • Most nursing home administrators are employed in large health care institutions, nursing homes, or large corporations that manage medical facilities. Some administrators are involved in research and health teachings. In addition to knowledge and skills in healthcare, the nursing home administrator should also have a business experience and should be knowledgeable on planning, budgeting and finance.
  • A nursing home administrator is required to possess good verbal and written skills in communication so as to easily direct activities along with a good leadership skill.

Educational Requirements

In order to become a nursing home administrator, a bachelor’s degree in nursing is essential. Most employers prefer candidates with prior work experience in health management and nursing home to get the job as an administrator.

Occupation and Progress

A nursing home administrator usually earns an average wage about $52,603 to $80, 765 according to payscale.com. The salary for a nursing home administrator depends upon the work experience gained and the employer.

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