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It’s a dream of every woman to become a mom. All features of an “Eve’s “anatomy must be given delicate medical care to ensure that woman’s body is physically prepared to bear a child and enjoy motherhood. And who else does this best but our dear Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, commonly addressed as “OB GYN”.

Let’s get to know them better.

What is an OB Gyn?

An OB Gyn is defined as expert on women’s reproductive health which includes but not limited to: 1. Pre natal and Post natal care, 2. Prevent, diagnose, and treat illnesses that may affect the breast, pelvis, cervix, and urinary track and ovary, 3. Address hormonal irregularity so conception be made possible, and 4. Practice as counsellor during a woman’s pregnancy, delivery of a child, menopausal management, and the surgeon to administer caesarean section (CS) and other complicated cases like ovarian cyst operation.

Duties of an OB Gyn

  • During adolescence, an OB Gyn is consulted to diagnose possible issues on a teenager’s menstrual cycle. Some parents seek an OB Gyn’s advice to better explain this stage to a young girl.
  • Several couples also get to see an OB Gyn for marital consultation on birth control and some to resolve disorders that hinder a couple to get blessed with a child.
  • An OB Gyn is a responsible guide to an expecting mother for the development of the fetus until the delivery date and the follow up check-up for both the mother and the new born. This is what we call the pre natal and post natal care.
  • Surgical procedures are also performed by a professional surgeon on critical pregnancy cases or possible reproductive organs ailments that may require operation to get cured. Mostly, the OB Gyn and the surgeon is the same person who administers the treatment.
  • They also help women manage their menopausal period.

Work Condition of an OB Gyn

It is common for most OB Gynaecologists to have their own clinic to accept consultation, prescription and perform diagnostics, treatment and birthing. In the Philippines, their offices are called as birthing clinic or “Lying in”. Each office has its own Ultrasound devices used for check-up, standard birthing apparatus. CS and other surgical procedures are done in a hospital.

OB Gyn may also see other patients confined in a hospital. This happens when a patient requested who is the specific doctor that the hospital should call. Most likely, an OB Gyn is accredited to almost every hospital in his do the same tasks and complete “rounds” (check- up of patients per hospital room). Some are even officially hired as resident OB Gyn of a hospital.

Educational Requirements of an OB Gyn

One must meet the following to satisfy what is required in this profession.

  • Enrol and excel to a four-year of preparatory courses called the pre-med course called. Common one is Biology. Included in this stage are sciences like Anatomy, physics, chemistry, and genetics.
  • Get into a Medical School by passing the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) which mostly takes four and a half year. This is taken electronically and one must score high in the four sections. To wit: Verbal Reasoning, Writing, Physical Sciences, and Biological Sciences. Once the candidate gets through the thorough interview, first two years will be spent in extensive study of sciences and medical terminology and practices. The next 2 years will be the practical application in a clinic and hospital setting.
  • Finish the four-year clinical and hospital residency to gain experience. Routines Professional practices includes “On Call” during emergency, and carry to completion of actual surgery. This is the time when the candidate can perform duties mentioned above. Some also become mentors of aspiring medical students.
  • Lastly, take two sets of state licensure examination and be certified through The American Board of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. First is a diffuse written examination and must be taken right after the 4 –year residency. Once passed, another 2 years to spend in practice to be eligible for the 2nd Oral Exam conducted by a panel of professors. Choose sub -specialty certification from any of the following field: gynaecologic oncology, rogynecology /reconstructive pelvic surgery, maternal and fetal medicine, or endocrinology and infertility. You may also choose more than one if your capacity permits.

Occupation and Progress of an OB Gyn

Professional practice by most OB Gyn is done at the comfort of their own clinics. They also team up with fellow medical and general practitioners in a hospital or other medical group that will need an OB Gyn expertise. A lot of them work together with Paediatrician for the Child care and Anaesthesiologists for the surgery. They get to earn a living better through word of mouth by their patients who have had an excellent experience with them. It’s a never ending profession because every day, a girl becomes a woman and eventually a mother that will need the OB Gyn’s care. It is passion to quality womanhood that gives an OB Gyn an edge over other medical practitioners.

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