OB-GYNE Doctor Job Description

by Publishing Team on April 29, 2011

Obstetrics and gynecology fields deal with the reproductive health issues of women with specialized areas in pregnancy and child birth.

What is OB-GYNE doctor?

OB-GYNE stands for Obstetricians and gynecologists. OB-GYNEs are specialists who focus mainly on women’s health.

Duties of OB-GYNE

  • OB-GYNES are responsible in the women’s general health care and provide medical care about pregnancy and reproductive system.
  • Like other practitioners, OB GYNES are responsible in preventing, diagnosing, and treating any health problems specifically on physical ailments that are experienced by women in relation to their female anatomy which includes cervical and breast cancer, pelvic and urinary tract disorders and hormonal imbalances and other health disorders.
  • OB-GYNES specialize in the child’s birth process, counseling and treating women all along their pregnancy, giving prenatal check-ups, diagnoses, delivering the baby and providing postpartum care. They assess and track health problems on both the mother and the fetus during the progress of pregnancy.
  • OB-GYNES and any other general practitioners have a fundamental role in the societies which have effects in the people’s lives. They mostly diagnose diseases, prescribe and administer medical treatments for people who are suffering from diseases or injuries. General Practitoners examine and assess patients, get medical histories and perform, order and interpret any diagnostic tests that have been done. They also counsel patients regarding personal hygiene, diet and some prevention in health care.

Condition of work

Working conditions for OB-GYNES are mostly pleasant including their work environment particularly in indoors with well-ventilated and well-lit hospitals and exam rooms. Their hours of work are usually flexible especially during busy schedules or when there are lots of patients in the clinic. This may also result in staying awake at night or the whole time especially when patient is in labor.

Educational Requirements

In order to become an OB-GYNE, formal education along with training requirements for doctors is essential. Aspiring candidates need to accomplish an undergraduate degree of about 4 years, 4 years in medical school and 3-8 years of residency and internship which mostly varies on the chosen specialized field. There are some medical schools which offer both undergraduate and medical programs that may last 6 years than 8 years customary.

Occupation and Progress

The job outlook for doctors is very good. Crucial shortages continue to exist in both underserved and rural areas. General practitioners are still one of the best paid careers in the medical industry.

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