Ob Nurse Job Description

If you aspire for a career as an obstetrics nurse or OB nurse, then reading this article is essential as it talks about the job description of an OB nurse.

What is OB nurse?

OB nurses or obstetrics nurses are professionals who specialize in helping the doctors in caring for pregnant women as well as delivering babies. Typical duties for OB nurses include preparing patients, preparing delivery rooms, sterilizing instruments, providing newborn care, communicating other caregivers and giving health teaching on caring for babies after delivery.

Duties of OB nurse

  • OB nurses are tasked in getting the patients ready for childbirth, preparing delivery rooms and sterilizing instruments. They should also care for babies after birth and explain to parents on the proper ways in taking care of new babies.
  • OB nurses are responsible in guiding primi or first time mothers through on proper techniques in giving birth to their child. They provide care for women under labor or those who have health issues that may lead to premature labor. They also give health education to the patient’s significant others regarding the pregnancy.
  • OB staff nurses should have strong skills in communication along with good interpersonal and analytical skills as they work within other healthcare providers.
  • OB nurses should be a good listener and are willing to follow directions from their supervisors. They should be sympathetic and caring while working with their patients especially on pregnant women and their babies. Good skills in decision-making, being emotionally stable and keen observer is also essential. These healthcare professionals additionally should be detail-oriented, responsible and correctly assess the health condition of their patients.

Conditions of work

OB nurses often work in any long term facilities or hospitals with labor rooms and delivery department. Some also works in the doctor’s clinic.

Educational Requirements

  • In order to become an OB staff nurse, the usual requirement is a GED or high school diploma and 1 year training from community colleges or vocational training schools.
  • Candidates who obtain an accredited training program for at least 1 year can also become a licensed practical nurse or LPN. Meanwhile, candidates who opt to accomplish a 2 years associate program, 3 years hospital administered program or 4 years bachelor’s degree in nursing program may become a RN or registered nurse, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in United States.

Occupation and Progress

Employment prospects for LPNs and RNs including OB staff nurses is expected to grow by 21% to 22% from 2008 up to 2018, according to the US BLS. The median annual salary for LPNs is about $39,030 while RNs earn about $62,450 per annum.

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