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Health care industry continues to expand as time goes by. Today, the health care industry is considered one of the largest industries throughout the world. It includes thousands of clinics, hospitals, and different types of health care facilities which provide health care services in a systematic way to families, individuals, and communities. Due to the expansion of the health care industry, individuals who have medical assistant roles assume more responsibility. Because of this, OB techs or obstetric technicians could be a great career with opportunities.

Do you want to be an obstetric technician? Let’s discuss the nature of work of an obstetric technician?

What is an OB Tech?

An obstetric technician is a specialized type of a medical assistant who helps physicians and nurses throughout the labor and delivery department in hospitals. OB techs assist a physician who specializes gynecology and obstetric.

Duties of an OB Tech

OB techs have two main duties. They assist the physician in both clinical and clerical duties. The OB tech is responsible for stocking the delivery rooms with needed supplies and for making sure surgery immediately accessible. After the physician has completely performed delivery procedure, the OB tech is responsible for cleaning the procedure area. When the room is already clean, the OB tech must supply again the new materials so that physician can use the room again as soon as it is needed. They make sure that instruments and equipments for delivery are ready anytime.

Like other healthcare assistants and nurses, OB techs can also provide patient support. They explain procedures and answer patient’s questions. They also assist patients in their needs. They must have a careful attention to patients with delicate conditions. Aside from that, they can be also a listening ear to the families or the patients who go through a hard time in their pregnancies and deliveries.

Apart from assisting the patient and the physician, the duties of the OB techs may include administrative and clerical duties. They may schedule appointments, answer phones, gather patient’s information, file paperwork, maintain records, and run insurance information.

Work Condition of an OB Tech

OB techs work under pressure in a delivery room. They must meet the demands of the position. They work indoors of the health facilities. Most of the time OB tech’s work requires standing and walking for long hours including bending and lifting. They must have a careful attention to details since in this profession life cannot be risk.

Educational Requirements of an OB Tech

The educational requirement an OB tech may vary on the place of employment. The general requirement is a one or two years of technical college program or a vocational training. A license for OB technician is sometimes required in this position. A college degree with courses in physiology, anatomy, clinical and diagnostic procedures, medical terminology, and insurance processing and transcription is also required.

Occupation and Progress of an OB Tech

The work of an OB tech is a demanding job and it can be stressful at times. It requires careful attention to details and ability to follow instructions precisely. If one want to progress in this job, he/she must continue his/her education in the healthcare field. One can proceed from being an OB tech to a nurse or other profession in a healthcare field.

The tragedy in life doesn’t lie in reaching a goal. The tragedy lies in having no goals to reach. Set your goals in your career. Do you want to be an OB tech? Now is the time to set your goals.

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